Do You Know the Surefire Signs If Your Ex Likes You? Find Out Right Now If They Do!

Are you wondering if your ex still has feelings for you? Have you made attempts to restore the relationship with your ex only to be disappointed by rejection? Have you been receiving mixed signals that have put you into a state of confusion? Whatever the case, how would it feel to know for sure what their they feel towards you? Unless you are a mind reader, it is pretty difficult to know exactly what your ex is communicating with you.
Especially after a break up, when emotions got the better of you both, it is very hard to identify the signs that are being emitted from them.
Since you are both acting in irrational behaviour words spoken and actions taken may not actually reflect the real intention of the person.
Chances are you have said some things you didn't really mean.
And it is likely she has done the same thing too.
Regardless, it's important to know where you stand with your ex, so here are some ways to know if they still are attracted to you...
Are they or do they ever act controlling of you? If this is so, then you know that they are still interested in you.
The very need for them to be in control is due to the fact that they want you to focus on them.
They want your attention, so it is obvious they still want you.
Find someone else to go on a date with.
This is probably the most clearcut way to get her back.
If she reacts in anyway, especially in anger and jealousy then you know for sure that she is interested still.
Do you ever find that your ex is acting touchy feely with you? If yes, then you know they don't want it to end.
They have been making these suttle advances because they want you to reciprocate and show them some feeling.
Show them affection.
If they didn't want you, they wouldn't act in such a way.
Do you find that they are still making efforts to please you, make you happy? If yes, then you also know this is a clear sign.
Get cracking and take this opportunity to start fresh on a new relaitonship.
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