Problems With Skin Cancer in Dogs

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      Skin cancer is more common in elderly dogs. As your dog ages his cells become more susceptible to mutations and changes from the sun. Take your dog to the veterinarian for regular appointments and note any changes in his skin. Crusty patches or lesions could indicate that your dog has skin cancer.


    • One of the most common problems with skin cancer in dogs is pain. The cancer often looks like a sore or wound on the skin. Your dog may feel pain on and around these areas. Cutting off the lesion is the main treatment, but sometimes the cancer is so deep that cutting into it will only cause it to spread further. Talk to your vet if you think your dog has skin cancer.


    • Skin cancer causes several problems on the skin such as itching. The cancer often becomes crusty, resulting in dry patches of skin on and around the lesion. This causes your dog to feel irritated and scratch more frequently. Your vet can recommend an anti-itch cream or possibly remove the lesion if it is not too deep in the skin. Constant scratching can cause other problems such as infection.

    Hair Loss

    • Hair loss is another problem that skin cancer causes in dogs. Your dog will lose hair on and around the cancer sore, making it more visible. Hair loss is the result of skin cell mutations and scratching. The amount of hair loss depends on how long your dog has had skin cancer. Prompt treatment is the only way to ensure your dog's survival.

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