Jw Marriott Cancun Leads The Way For Eco-friendly Cancun Holidays

Having long been one of the most popular holiday destinations for sun, beach and world class resorts in the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun is upping its game with a new offering of sustainable, eco-friendly hotels and resorts.

As revealed by an article recently published on News Junky Journal, there is one Cancun hotel in particular that wants to get that eco-appeal factor by pledging to protect Cancun's beautiful but fragile natural ecosystem.

Promising to deliver sustainable, green Cancun holidays the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa has launched a set of new eco-friendly initiatives to ensure that visitors from all around the world continue to enjoy the riches of Cancun's stunning natural environment for many years. In order to achive this, the resort has introduced a number of important environmentally conscious programmes, many of which focus reducing waste generated by the Cancun hotel. To support the "minimum-waste" approach further, the JW Marriott Cancun Resort has launched an aggressive recycling programme where staff now throw away litter in pre-sorted containers, thus speeding the recycling process before the waste gets even close to a landfill site.

Aiming to becomme one of the most eco-friendly Cancun hotels, the JW Marriott has also turned to advanced technology to reduce its carbon footprint and minimise its impact on the surrounding environment. In the hope of using more sustainable energy resources and offering Cancun holidays with a greener edge, the hotel has recently installed a reverse osmosis water treatment plant. This process transforms wasted water into clean drinking water with a plant that is able to generate up to 900 cubic meters of water a day, thus substantially reducing the amount of water wasted.

Yet another impressive recycling programme by JW Marriott Cancun comes in the form of a bio-diesel program. And it works like this: while the chefs and cooks at the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa are busy creating delicious food, a large amount of vegetable oil is consumed; under the new programme this oil is processed and converted into a bio-diesel, a substance that burns cleaner than traditional fossil fuels. In this way, the environment benefits by being spared from wasted commercial cooking oil which cause poisonous CO2 emissions. So after all this effort it seems as though the JW Marriott Cancun is not just another pretty Cancun offering luxury holidays, the hotel has now earned green edge by taking responsibility of the surrounding environment.

In addition to these new eco-programme, the JW Marriott Cancun Hotel still maintains its sea turtles conservation programme, which, to date, has saved thousands of these endangered csea reatures. As part of their dedication to protecting the turtles, specially trained hotel staff combs the beaches to leave them ready for the sea turtles nesting their eggs and once they've been deposited in the sand a skilled team is responsible for taking them to a protected environment for nurturing and growth until the hatching begins. Once they've grown and matured enough to make it on their own, the baby sea turtles are released back into the wild. And that's not all, for a fascinating and unique experience to enjoy during holidays in Cancun, guests can join the hotel team and help release the turtles every year, giving the ecosystem a helping hand and enriching their holidays with a thrilling experience.

In 2011, the JW Marriott Cancun Resort also participated in the Earth Hour Initiative, an eco movement that asks all participants to turn off all non-essential lights, reducing overall power consumption.

The new green programmes at JW Marriott Cancun make it stand out among all other Cancun hotels by positioning it as one of the leading green hotel properties and resorts.
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