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Medical Malpractice seems to be a real problem in this nation.
Not the actual mistakes you hear about in the medical industry, but the incredible number of lawsuits going on at all times.
Now the lawyers are suing nurses too and everyone in the medical profession is paying higher rates for medical mal practice insurance these days and it is quite alarming to say the least.
To make it worse there is a shortage of nurses and many are deciding to forgo a career in the medical field for fear of being personally sued.
What is worse is all these so-called; Medical Malpractice Referral Networks to help patients find a lawyer to sue.
They advertise on Television.
These folks put up websites to refer Internet Surfers to them to make money, because the lawyers are paying big bucks for good referrals or even pay-per-click (PPC) traffic.
Personally although I do not wish ill on anyone, I wonder what would happen if all these owners of website referral networks for Medical Malpractice Referral Networks all of a suddenly got some horrible disease? And then found there were no nurses, doctors or hospitals to go to, because they helped so many people find a lawyer to sue, that all the lawyers sued the hospitals and doctors out of business one day?
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