Scaffolding Safety Tips

Many people who work in construction are aware of the dangers posed by scaffolds and their parts.
Since about 20% of fatal falls involve scaffolds, it helps for workers to know about the safety procedures that revolve around these construction cornerstones.
If an employer does not give proper procedure or training an accident may occur and injure or kill an employee or more employees.
Just as instruction is key to preventing falls and other related accidents so is the construction of the mechanism itself.
If a scaffolding is not properly constructed during manufacturing or during assembly, a manufacturer or employer may be liable for any accidents that occur as a result.
No employee deserves to live with the hardship of an injury, and no employee's family deserves to live with the hardship of an injury or loss of a loved one due to an accident.
Employees or families of employees should seek legal assistance in the event someone becomes injured or dies during an accident at work when the worker was not at fault.
An experienced lawyer should be able to help a family receive compensation for resulted damages.
Construction accidents are the most dangerous accidents that a worker can face.
If an employee or employer would like to reduce the chances of being involved in a scaffolding-related accident, he or she should follow certain safety procedures before and during the use of a scaffold.
Here are a few things that can keep you and other workers safe when working with a scaffold: -Make sure it was constructed by a qualified individual -Make sure it can withstand a great amount of weight -Make sure it is properly inspected before each use -Make sure to stay clear from power lines and other electrical sources -Make sure not to perform any job duties under severe temperatures or weather -Make sure an alternative exit route exists once on a scaffold such as a ladder or hoist -Make sure the scaffold is level at all times -Make sure to stay hydrated and well-rested -Make sure to use only a scaffold with guardrails -Make sure to use counterweights in order to minimize movement -Make sure you are properly trained to operate and work with a scaffold For more information regarding scaffolding safety and rights for employees who have been the victim of accidents involving scaffolding, contact the Philadelphia personal injury attorneys of Lowenthal & Abrams, P.
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