How to Replace Drain Tails

    • 1). Clear out the area beneath the sink to give yourself plenty of room. Place a bucket underneath the curved portion of the drain pipe.

    • 2). Loosen the couplings at either end of the P-trap. Use the pliers or plumber's wrench, if needed. Pull the P-trap out of the pipes. Empty it into the bucket.

    • 3). Loosen the jamb nut located directly beneath the sink with the pliers. Pull the jamb nut and any rubber washers off the pipe.

    • 4). Turn counterclockwise to loosen the drain tail. Pull the tail out of the drain.

    • 5). Apply a few dabs of pipe thread compound to the threads atop the tailpiece.

    • 6). Insert the tailpiece into the bottom of the drain above. Tighten clockwise. Slip the rubber washer and jamb nut over the end of the tailpiece and slide up until flush with the bottom of the sink. Tighten the jamb nut.

    • 7). Apply pipe thread compound to the threads on the bottom of the tailpiece and the sewer inlet pipe. Replace the tailpiece. Tighten the couplings.

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