Retirement Home Abuse Lawyers - Elder Abuse Lawsuits

The primary issue of importance here is where the abuse takes place. While our main focus is on retirement homes, we do not want to overlook the fact it can also occur in the senior's own home where the abusers are likely to be in-home caretakers or nurses.

Elder abuse takes on several different forms, although not all abuse is of a physical nature. It might involve intimidation or threats against the senior. Other abuse may involve neglect of the basic needs of the senior. Sometimes the abuse might take the form of financial trickery and/or manipulation. In this article, we will discuss the most common types of abuse.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse amounts to the deliberate use of force which causes physical injury, pain, or impairment. This type of retirement home abuse is not just comprised of physical assaults (such as hitting or slapping), but also includes other acts such as inappropriate use of restraints, confinement, or sedative drugs.

Emotional Abuse

When a caregiver emotionally or psychologically abuses an elderly person, they speak to or threaten that person in ways that cause emotional distress or pain. Some of the ways a person may inflict emotional abuse against a senior include:
  • Making threats or yelling.
  • Humiliating or ridiculing a person.
  • Placing blame or using the person as a scapegoat.

There are also nonverbal forms of psychological abuse that can occur as well.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse against an elderly person involves any type of sexual contact without that person's consent. This includes not just physical sexual activity but also things such as showing the person pornographic material, making the individual undress, and forcing an elderly person to watch sex acts.

Neglect and Abandonment

Over half of all cases involving elder abuse involve neglect. The problem can be intentional or unintentional depending on different factors such as whether the caregiver realizes the elderly person needs more care than the caregiver provides. Even if unintentional, retirement home neglect is inexcusable.

Financial Exploitation

This type of abuse involves a caregiver using an elderly person's financial resources or property without his or her permission.

Elder abuse in retirement homes is a serious problem, one that is not going to go away any time soon. If you or your loved one suspects retirement home abuse, speak with an experienced lawyer who can help you assess the situation and make the decision that is in the best interests of the victim and their family.
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