List Building the Right Way

List building just like anything else should be conducted the right way.
Things such as opt in pages, landing and freebies should be only used with the permission of the potential customers.
It is not good business to trick individuals to subscribing or not even asking permission before sending them further advertisements.
Keeping a business on the level is a good way to maintain business over the years, with a good reputation.
Sure those other guys might build a few more lists or get more contacts in the beginning, but if not done correctly it will backfire quickly.
Here are a few tips that can help build a good contact list through a positive list building campaign.
First, and foremost always get the permission of visitors before sending them any other follow up advertisements or materials.
Opt in lists are used to build lists and get the visitors to enter their contact information, so there should be a disclosure or other informative statement explaining why the information is being obtained.
Most sites also go the extra mile and explain to their visitors that there information will not be sold to an outside or third party company.
With disclosures most people will go ahead and enter their information, especially when they know that their information will not be sold.
Respecting the privacy of others is important also; all correspondence should have an Opt out link or contact information in case the individual no longer wishes to receive correspondence.
These requests should be handled in a timely manner so that it cannot be said that their wishes are not being upheld.
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