The Right Running Trainers Are There Waiting for You

You can find a large number of sports brands in the market and in addition to Chinese famous brand like Doublestar, Dowin, Warrior, Deerway and Li Ning, there are world's famous brands like Ad, Nike, Puma, Asics, New banlance and Mizuno.What kind of running shoes should we choose at last from numerous of running shoes of these famous brand. Now let me explain the classification of running shoes that can be bought in the market at first and which has the following kinds.
The first one is jogging shoes that are made for ordinary runners. Jogging shoes pay their full attention to protect and prevent users from any sports injuries. Their general lifetime is the running distance of 1000KM. Jogging shoes are characterized by being heavy in weight, being good in protecting as well as having the different series and models for users with different physical characteristics and loving different types of runaway. The second one is the performance training shoes for professional and semi-professional long-distance runners that are worn for track training only. The training shoes pay attention on the balance of protecting and being light so that on one hand, they have to prevent athletes being hurt when training, on the other hand should let athletes perform better. The third kind of running shoes is called marathon shoes which are made only for marathon use. They are definitely not suitable for daily jogging. This type of shoes are so light in weight that we can not feel its weight, however, they are poor in protection feature and with the very short lifetime. This kind of shoes exist only for one purpose that is to meet the requirements of professional marathon runners with the pursuit of the highest score in the game.
It is obvious that jogging shoes are better for our normal running lovers having not been trained professionally and jogging for health but not the highest score because they can protect our legs better. Why don't we choose performance training shoes. Since they are good in protecting and light in weight, just like the ad for Li Ning ultra-light series, it is nice, isn't it. Because they are not as good as jogging shoes in protection and on one hand, not only the physical condition of professional athletes but also the skills of avoiding being hurt are much better than us running fans on the other hand, the manufacturers must give up a lot of protection technology in pursuit of light weight. Looking at the soles of ASICS kayano which is called as the king of running shoes, we know that they are not light since there are so many gel materials piled up. It can not relieve damping if it is light in weight.
Generally speaking, you do not know clearly what type of running shoes is from the counter, even sales person there do not know it either. How to tell the difference between them. You know which pair is the marathon shoes at the first sight since having the thin sloes, they are very thin and nearly weightless. Usually, jogging shoes are heavy in weight because they have the think sole. The performance training shoes are lighter than ordinary sports shoes and far lighter than jogging shoes.
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