How the Subconscious Mind Helps Solve Our Problems

Understand that your decisions are your decisions.
Understand that your path is your path.
And know that your purpose is to spend your days walking that path as you see fit, no matter where it takes you.
We didn't need to think about what we want in life and our future endeavors.
To do this we need to learn to use our time wisely.
This is why it is important that we take time out for ourselves to decide what we want to do with our lives.
As adults we often asked to learn to take control of our lives and to believe in ourselves.
This means learning to trust our decisions in life.
Both our conscious and subconscious thoughts work together to help us solve problems.
It is up to us to learn to trust ourselves to make the right decisions.
This is often a growth process.
This is often why it is important for parents to let their teenagers begin to take control of their lives, even when they are afraid to let go of the reins.
By teaching teenagers to take control of their lives and being there to help them helps them grow into adulthood and make the right choices for themselves.
Maturity is a learning process, but when parents are afraid to let their children become adults, then when the parent is gone, the young adult who is never allowed to make decisions for themselves has difficulty making decisions after the parent is gone.
When parents use negativity to control their children, the child often has low self-esteem, and will continue to verbalize those negative thoughts placed there by their parents and had difficulty making good decisions on their future.
Some things to consider when taking control of your life is how your conscious and subconscious thoughts work together to help you solve a problem.
For instance, many people in the baby boomer generation are having difficulty finding gainful employment because they were brought up to believe in working for someone else or as I like to say-- they believe in the employment contract where someone traded dollars for hours.
That may have worked during the 20th century, but no longer works in the 21st century.
As we move from the employment-based model tutti performance based model, individuals need to change their mindset of what a job is today.
This is a dilemma for many people who have difficulty utilizing technology for employment.
People are waiting for the government to create jobs for them, rather than learning to change their mindset and creating a job for themselves.
By looking inside oneself and letting your thoughts take control to help you figure out a solution for your problem, many people all waiting for someone else to solve their problems for them.
It is time to take control of your life and figure out how you can solve your problem for yourself.
When incorporating the laws of attraction and learning to think positively, one can draw to themselves the ability to make the right choices.
Everyone is unique and has special abilities that are known as their strengths and they can tap into when deciding what path they want to take in a career.
Finally, and for this question for yourself: What is it that I truly love to do or have a passion for that I can build into an income and make a career from? When you can answer this question for yourself, then you will have a path to follow that will give you internal satisfaction.
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