The Nissan Leaf Is Proving To Be A Huge Hit With Over 13,000 Units Pre-Sold

Nissan Leaf's debut has been anticipated greatly in the U.
S by automotive fans; the car has managed to sell out completely before its public launch date.
The Leaf was even chosen to lead the New York Marathon, an ultra popular event broadcasted all over the world.
American shoppers are thrilled to obtain their very own Leaf; over thirteen thousand shoppers have placed $99 deposits down to reserve their vehicle.
Due to the large demand, Nissan has installed level II public charging stations in numerous dealerships.
States with the first charging stations include; Oregon, Arizona, Tennessee, California and Washington.
These are the states where the Leaf will be sold first; they are part of the EV project which was started by a company called Ecotality and the US Department of energy in order to build public charging stations.
This is excellent news for consumers because the public stations will be able to charge a vehicle in just 30 minutes while it may take up to 8 hours at a home station.
It appears that the Oregon market will be a solid one for electric cars.
Nissan organized a well attended event in Hillsboro which included a public test drive of the car.
A large number of people waited for their turn in order to get to look at the car firsthand and take her out for a quick spin.
Oregon is set to be one of the major test markets for electric vehicles and their charging stations.
Since the Leaf is electric, it is fueled solely by an 80 kw electric motor which is backed up by a lithium ion battery pack.
The engine outputs 107 horsepower and 207 lb feet of torque.
As far as range is concerned, this auto should be able to travel around 100 miles before it needs to be charged again.
Many factors such as acceleration, driving technique and stop-and-go traffic all play a role in how far it will go before needing a recharge.
If you have an exceedingly far way to go every day then this vehicle would probably not be a good match.
The interior is white and features a prominent LCD screen which displays pertinent information.
The graphics are a cool blue color that contrasts nicely with the vivid white cabin.
The battery is situated on the floor under the seats and as a result the Leaf is extremely comfortable and roomy.
The base model comes equipped with a navigation system and works with Bluetooth smart phones.
Additional features for your comfort include keyless ignition, 16" alloy wheels, a tilt adjustable steering wheel, cruise control and an audio system featuring six speakers and a CD player.
The SL adds in a solar panel and an optional rearview camera.
Safety features include an airbag system, an Anti Lock Brake System and Traction Control.
It looks as if the Leaf is taking the lead when it comes making the electric car a reality for the average American.
The MSRP is $32,780 and the price is sweetened further with a tax credit of $7,000.
The installation of numerous charging stations is an added bonus and should reassure buyers that they will be able to charge their vehicles quickly if necessary.
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