Dating For Love - Change Your Habits, Change Your Success

"I'm frustrated!" screamed a good friend of mine a couple of nights ago.
"I date all the time, but whatever I do I can't seem to like or fall in love with any of the guys I date.
" Does is sound familiar? Are you frustrated as well because it always seems as if guys are only interested in your body rather than in you? Do you feel that people are not dating for love anymore? Well, the good news is that you are not alone.
The bad news are that finding that perfect guy and really falling in love will require time, effort and a little mind work you simply hadn't thought about yet and might never have been.
Luckily though, I know a couple of secrets to help you speed things up, however you must believe me when I say that you are not the only one that is still dating for love, there are guys out there that do just that too.
But first, let me ask you a question: When was the last time you've asked a guy out? When was the last time you took the reign and initiated a contact with a guy? If you are like most women around the world, most often than not, you are the passive participant of the dating process, meaning you are sitting by yourself, HOPING that same guy will come and talk to you.
Even if you've spotted some cute guy across the room you'd never cross the 4-6 feet that set the both of you apart and, god forbid, initiate a conversation.
If you want to find love in your life, you must welcome love and act as if you are willing to work for it to appear in your life! How can you blame the world for not sending you your one true love if all you do is sit and wait for him to find you! Dating for love means you need to actively date in order to find love, not passively.
I challenge you to walk up to the next guy you find attractive and start talking to him! It will empower you in ways you've never thought possible.
After clearing that out, it is very possible that the reason you are not experiencing love is because you are still stuck in your old world.
Let me give you an example: say you love eating Italian food, so you hang in Italian restaurants and with other people who also enjoy Italian food.
But then one day you decide that Italian food is not for you anymore and you decide that you want to try out Sushi, however, instead of finding a good Sushi place, you keep hanging out with your old friends in the Italian restaurant! Now think how silly it would be to complain that no matter what you do you just can find Sushi in here.
As long as you keep sitting in the Italian restaurant you'll keep getting Italian food, that is until you'll get your butt off the chair and go find some decent Sushi place.
If you are hanging around pickup bars odds are you'll end up with guys looking for one night stands.
If you want love and a real relationship you need to start going to places where guys are looking for these kind of stuff.
It doesn't mean you need to start going to speed dating, although it could help.
How about starting to go to the gym? Or maybe take up salsa lessons (I mean the dance) No matter where you go out too, make sure it's not a place where you are likely to be picked up by guys who are looking for things you don't want.
Of course, it is possible that while you are going to the right places, you are not yet ready for a real relationship.
But that's something you'll have to figure out on your own.
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