Tips to Find the Best Vacation Rentals in Greece

Life is setting more and more hurdles for any of us.
We are currently running an economic crisis, probably one of the worst ever.
Many people acknowledge the threat of pay cuts.
So, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are opting for small but affordable breaks.
People no longer desire to be greedy on luxurious hotels and resorts.
This is too expensive.
However, both pleasure and necessity are needed by people who work hard and take the time to experience the best that this life has to offer.
As much as frugality is a well respected feature; knowing when to splurge a little bit on ourselves and our loved ones is necessary to maintain perspective in our hectic lives.
More and more tourists are therefore looking for a different kind of vacation experience.
Staying in a overcrowded hotel room is quiet inconvenient, painful even.
Vacation rentals look a wiser and more affordable alternative.
Vacation rentals offer guests the same luxury and amenities as a popular resort, at a fraction of the cost.
Typically, vacation rentals are compact homes or apartments that are rented out to visitors on a temporary basis.
As a travel option, renting out charming cottages in prime tourist locations started in Greece.
These days, vacation rentals are so popular that they may pose in the near future a serious threat to the hotel industry.
Although package holidays often look like the best deal, make sure you look at everything you have to spend, not just the published price of the package.
Lots of holiday rentals cater for large groups, and this is where the bargains are to be found.
If three couples share a four bedroom villa for a week, you will be flabbergasted by how little the price works out to be per person having still a spare room for friends or kids.
Compare the price of those holiday rentals with what your travel agent offers, and the private holiday rentals win hands down! The key to saving money on your holiday is being able to choose your location and book your travel arrangements separately.
The great advantage of going for the private holiday rentals is that you are fully in control.
Now, once you have made up your mind on this, you can move on to the next step.
There are two kinds of vacation rentals; those let out by individual owners and those that are offered on rent through travel agencies.
Here is the next decision you have to make.
What kind of rental should you opt for? By booking your villa or apartment directly with the owner, you avoid having to pay any agent fees or booking fees, and you get to speak directly with people who own the holiday rentals and who know the property and the surrounding area.
How often do you get that when you phone one of the major travel agents? OK, you may say, what is the hitch in this option? Well, there is nothing wrong with booking with an individual owner, if you know their credentials.
How this is done.
If you know that a particular property is genuine and that they have all the facilities that you see in the pictures and that the property is suitably located and suits your budget, then you can go ahead and book the rental.
You have to ensure though you have access to this kind of information.
Most vacation rentals are booked online.
Many people start their search and book their holiday villa long time in advance, others just few weeks before they leave.
In either case, quick and reliable responses are a must.
When you contact owners directly by making an enquiry, you must receive an immediate response.
The same goes for follow-up questions.
An owner must be able to show his/her commitment on offering what his/her ad, or website presents.
The personal contact through a call can be decisive.
So, check if there is a phone number, and if there is no one ask for it and get in contact with the owner.
After all, behind any service there are real people who can (should) reply immediately to all your questions.
That way, you avoid falling into scams and can be ensured that you get your money's worth.
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