Staying on Track Even When Traveling!

I have been on this Earth for thirty-five years.
I have grown up in one of the tougher cities in the country and have gone through some crazy experiences.
Out of all of that, the one thing that I have feared the most, I recently conquered.
I finally flew on an airplane shortly after my 35th birthday.
That's right, for those of you doubling over laughing at this; I had a fear of flying.
That all changed earlier this year.
My new wife (fiancée at the time) had been so accustomed to flying.
She commented many times about how she is "out and asleep" as soon as the plane takes off.
While I didn't quite go to sleep, I have to admit that it was not as bad as I had imagined.
As I like to joke and tell people, "I don't have a fear of flying, I have a fear of crashing.
" Since then, I have made four flights in a very short amount of time after thirty-five years without one.
My wife and I have been traveling quite a bit, and this made me think of an obstacle that most of us face when it comes to exercising and traveling - HOW? Most just decide to not do anything when on the road.
"Well, I can't go to my gym", "I can't load up my weight machine and take it with me" or "The hotel doesn't have a fitness center"! The list can go on and on.
While all the above statements are true, you can still get in a QUALITY workout no matter where you are utilizing only resistance bands, which will fit in any bag and most oversized purses.
If you find yourself in a hotel that does not have a fitness center or at Grandma's house where the only "equipment" is an old rotary phone, below are some excellent workouts that will keep you on track to reach your fitness goals and keep you from having ANY EXCUSE to not workout! 1.
Band Curls (Biceps) - Stand with feet shoulder width apart and standing on the resistance bands while holding onto the handles.
Keep your elbows locked at your side and curl the bands up without moving your elbows.
Do 10 reps and do 3 to 4 total sets, resting as little as possible in between each set (no more than 30 seconds of rest in between) 2.
Front and Side Lifts (Shoulders) - Stand in the same position as you did for the Curls.
With arms resting at your side, lift your arms directly in front of you until you are eye level and then bring back down to your sides.
Keep your arms straight throughout the entire movement.
Alternate lifting your arms directly in front of you by lifting them outward away from you at your sides (As if you were trying to touch the wall on both sides of yourself) Repeat this 10 times for each move and do 2 to 3 sets total.
Tricep Dips (Triceps) - Since most all hotel rooms have the little uncomfortable chairs, you can accomplish this next move with simply a chair.
Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair with your hands under your body, parallel with your legs, fingers curling over the edge of the chair.
Feet should be out in front of you, and a barbell or weight plate balanced between your thighs.
Slide your bottom off the chair and support your weight with the palms of your hands.
Keep your back straight and look straight ahead.
Slowly lower your body until your elbows bend at right angles.
Be sure to keep your bottom close to the edge of the chair.
Elbows should bend toward the back of the chair as you descend.
Slowly raise your body back up to starting position with arms returning to straight, but not locked, position.
Good Old Pushups (Chest) If I have to explain how to perform a basic pushup, you may need to contact me directly as this can be quite scary...
Lunges - Stand with feet together.
Take a big step forward, then slowly lower your body into a lunge position.
Make sure your knee is above your ankle, making sure your thigh is parallel to the floor.
Slowly push back up to starting position, pushing from your heel.
Do not lean forward when lunging.
Do not position your knee in front of your ankle.
Do not hunch forward.
Trust me, if the above are performed properly and you keep FOCUS and INTENSITY on every single rep, you will get a good workout in and can rest assured you don't have to fear going on vacation and missing another workout! "My goal is to help you reach yours!"
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