Video is a Powerful Way to Market Yourself

If you are like most people, chances are you have watched a movie, TV show or commercial lately.
One thing they almost all have in common is that they have a website link listed somewhere on the screen for people to go and get more information.
How many websites do you see on screen on a daily basis? I bet all kinds.
Internet marketing is not much different.
All types of video are being used to promote all kinds of things like crazy.
Video online pretty much works the same way as television commercial ads work.
You see the product, drool over it, and remember it when you go to the store next.
So why shouldn't you consider using video to advertise? The largest website for free video uploads and viewing is YouTube.
What's really cool about YouTube is that once you upload a video, it can then easily be added to a website or blog.
So not only can your videos be seen on YouTube, and they have a TON of traffic, they can be seen by your site visitors.
With this kind of ease of use and market reach, if you are not using video to promote your internet marketing, then I have to ask you why not? I simply cannot think of any good reasons to not start using video.
Let me give you another tip.
By placing your video on YouTube, directing people to the video, allowing them to vote on it and make comment, the video could become viral.
This means you it can cause a mass surge of potential clients flocking to your site for more information on what you are providing.
Another reason to use video is because many people are visual by nature, which means they can a lot more out of something if they see it on video over if they read the same information.
This true even if your show words on the screen.
Add a simple audio track with a narration of the same words on the screen and your video will become even more powerful.
Using video to promote your product or service online also gives you another advantage over other types of internet advertising.
The video link can easily be copied and forwarded to multiple people by the people who see your video.
This is another component of the viral nature of video.
As you can see, video is a great tool for promoting your online product or service.
It's easy to use, it can be free and it's a powerful viral marketing tool.
Remember that YouTube will probably be the most beneficial site to use.
It houses the greatest number of verified users, by far, so why not go to where the people are and increase your network to the largest possible advantage.
However, be sure to try out a few of the free services out there.
There are several.
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