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We have a lot of hair if not million of them is found in the scalp. It is said that the natural crown of our beauty is our hair especially with women. But what if you are already beginning to lose that crown? Is hair loss normal?

Hair Loss and Growth

Before we could understand hair loss, we should fist know how our hair grows. For two to six years, our hair grows. That is a normal cycle. In that cycle, hair grows approximately one centimeter a month. In the scalp about 90 percent of the hair is in an active phase or are growing while the remaining 10 percent is resting. After about two to three months, that 10 percent starts to fall. But there is nothing to worry because normally, new hair grows and replace their places in the scalp.

Hair loss is normal. It is part of the cycle and everyday is a part of it; as such a person could lose a portion of his or her hair everyday. Moreover, hair loss is a phenomenon experienced by all people, women and men alike, regardless of age and race. However, there are people that experience excessive hair loss aside from their normal hair growth and loss cycle.

Causes of Excessive Hair Loss

There are so many things that could cause excessive hair loss. A major illness like cancer or a surgery can cause a large amount of hair to fall. However, this is temporary. After recovery from the stress of the illness, the hair growth cycle could be restored to normal.

Hormonal imbalances like in the thyroid gland can also cause excessive hair loss. An overactive or inactive thyroid can cause your hair fall. Also the imbalances in the female hormone estrogen and male hormone androgen are also known to be causes of hair loss. It is only when the imbalances are corrected that the hair loss may stop.

Another cause that is still related to hormonal imbalances is experienced by women after giving birth. During pregnancy, the body produces hormones that keep the hair of the mother from falling and disturbs the cycle. However, three months after child birth, the cycle goes back to normal.

Some medicines like anticoagulants, birth control pills antidepressants and excessive vitamin A can also call massive hair fall. Fungal infections in the scalp are also one cause; though it is not proven that dandruff, a scalp ailment cause by fungi, is directly related to hair fall.

Improper Care of Hair

Hair loss is also affected with the improper care of hair of an individual. Wearing ponytails, cornrows, or tight rollers can cause a type of hair fall called traction alopecia. In this case, the hairs are pulled and losses their strength. It is only when the pulling is stopped that the excessive fall will discontinue and the hair grows normally. Also, the use of chemicals on the hair is one of the causes of hair fall. These chemicals cause the scalp to swell thus inflaming the hair follicles and scarring the scalp.

Hair Loss to Baldness

Hair loss can lead to permanent baldness if not treated properly. Men lose more hair than women that is why the term common baldness usually means male-pattern baldness. This type of hair loss in men is usually affected by genes and is inherited. The most common is in receding hairline from the top of the head. In women, female-pattern baldness is characterized by thinner hair over time in the entire scalp.

Treatment for Excessive Hair Loss

Science and technology have already developed a lot of treatment for hair loss. There are shampoos specifically designed to control hair fall. For the male and female pattern hair loss, there are prescribed drugs or medication to control the hormones that causes it.

Other measures like hair implants, surgery and laser treatments could also be done to reverse the effect of hair loss.
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