Home Based Business On A Budget

You want a successful home based business [] so badly, yet you don't have a lot of money to make it happen. What should you do? I get asked this question quite a bit and my answer is always this:

- First you will need to decide on a specific Niche, like internet marketing tool's affiliate programs, e-books or whatever interest you have for your home based business.

- Than you should build a website, Site building software is so advanced these days that you can build a website in around an hour or 2 without any html experience. There are many free website business's on the net that offer you free hosted sites for a few ad's placed on your website. It's a pretty fair exchange until you can afford to upgrade to a paid host.

If those free services don't suit your needs, head on over to blogger and set up a free blog...Hell set up 2 or 10. I like blogger alot and it's a free site to advertise your goods along with some well written articles, you will start seeing traffic in no time.

- Next head on over to ClickBank and sign up as a free affiliate. Your home based business website, needs products to advertise and ClickBank can more than supply them for you. With over 10,000 affiliate products in various niche's you will surely find 1 or even 100 products or services to sell from your website.

This next part about being a ClickBank Affiliate is so cool! Once you zero in on a product that you want to promote in their marketplace, you simply type in your username and Clickbank automatically gives you your link to your product sales page! You can ususaly find additional marketing resources such as banners, graphics and email letters to use from the actual vendors link under affiliates.

- Head back to your new website and add a banner, a text link or graphic with some information about the product or service. If you want to build a portal, you can add 50 products on your website related to your niche, it's completely up to you.

-Your Blog can be set up exactly the same way, your home based business blog, ready to take orders and make sales for you.

-Write articles daily about your niche and add them to your blogs/website frequently. This will help you generate a lot of free traffic from the search engines over time. Than sign up to as many free article directories as you can and write and submit more articles to them. As others pick up and publish your articles on their websites, you will generate more traffic through back links as well as readers visiting your authors resource box.

After a while, you will start seeing traffic arriving on "auto-pilot" from all of those one way links from your articles. This is when your website, will become a money making website and your home based business income will start to take off!

How do I know this, It's my exact system that I use every day and make money with. Granted, I have since upgraded my websites and they are no longer free, but this simple FREE system works and if you follow it, your home based business on a budget will take off and you haven't invested a dime of your own money!
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