What Next After Pleading Guilty to Assault Charges?

There are different assault offences that a person may be charged with. From common assault to reckless wounding, aggravated assault, domestic violence, grievous bodily harm and attempts to mug through choking it is evident that assault charges must never be taken lightly. When faced with these charges, you have the option of pleading guilty or not. Regardless of your plea, choosing to be represented by assault lawyers has major advantages. With criminal lawyers by your side, the court will definitely take into account your seriousness on the matter. Other than that, a good assault lawyer will ensure that he/she utilizes the sentencing law to the client’s advantage.

Criminal law is a complex affair that changes often for an ordinary person to easily understand all its aspects. You need good assault lawyers who are keen on identifying the loopholes and evidence that can be used on your defense. Furthermore, an experienced lawyer who has gathered excellent cross examination skills over the years will you save you the time and disruption from your professional life by handling the case with undivided attention.

The likely penalties for assault offences are somewhat determined by the kind of court that will hear your case. For instance, if the case is handled by the district court, you are probably going to be given an 8 month good behavior bond under section 9 of the crimes Act. However, if the matter is taken to the local court, first time offenders may receive a fine of $500 or a 12 month good behavior bond under section 9 of the crimes Act.

When given the police facts sheet, there is a law part and a short description of the offence which helps your assault lawyers to identify exactly what type of assault you have been charged with. Common assault charges are the most popular. For the police to convict you of search charges, they must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed intentional and reckless acts of violence by touching, applying force or threatening another person without consent or lawful excuse. Your assault lawyers can lodge in a defense like duress, necessity or self defense so long as he has the evidence to back up the defense.

Common assault charges have different types of penalties. Whenever someone pleads guilty, the plea is followed by a conviction record and a penalty. However, a section 10 dismissal allows the court not to convict you might be given a fine. This fine will be determined by the court based on your ability to pay.

The good behavior bond is another penalty imposed after common assault charges. You will be given a certain duration of which the court outlines the rules of conduct you must obey. There are certain cases whereby, one enters the good behavior bond after a suspended sentence provided they obey the terms of the bond, they will not have to face the jail term. A CSO or what is commonly called a community service order is a penalty given in which the accused is meant to undertake unpaid work at the community or a certain course like anger management. There are penalties, like intensive correction order (ICO) and periodic detention, imposed after one pleads guilty of assault charges.
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