DIY Deluxe Grow Box

    • 1). Set up your Styrofoam cooler. Stack multiple coolers together for larger plants. Simply cut out the bottom of a second (or third) cooler and stack them on top of each other. Secure them with glue or some other water-tight sealant.

    • 2). Add your plants. Fill the cooler about half full with store-bought or homemade potting soil. Place your plant or plants on top of the soil and fill the cooler the rest of the way with potting soil.

    • 3). Prepare a plastic covering. Cut open a garbage bag so that you have one square of plastic big enough to cover the top of the Styrofoam cooler. Make large slits in the bag large enough for the plant to stick through. Then place the bag over the top of the cooler and keep it in place by attaching a rubber band around the edge of the cooler.

    • 4). Punch a few holes through the Styrofoam cooler with a small piece of pipe or some other small-diameter object near the bottom and middle areas of the cooler. The holes will help excess water drain from the box. The holes in the middle of the cooler will help prevent excess water from penetrating all the way through the soil in cases of severe over-watering.

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