How to Add Color to a Craigslist Post

    • 1). Navigate to the Craigslist homepage and choose the "Post to Classifieds" option in the upper left corner of the page. Click a category (and a sub-category, if applicable) for your posting.

    • 2). Give your post a title, type in your geographical location and enter a price for the product or service you are offering, if applicable. Input your email address and choose whether you want Craigslist to show or hide it.

    • 3). Compose the body of your message without using HTML or formatting initially. Make sure your ad covers all the relevant details of your offer and answers any potential questions someone reading the ad might have.

    • 4). Click your mouse in front of the word of phrase you want to color. Enter HTML code around the word of phrase as follows:

      <font color="blue">This text is blue.</font>

    • 5). Click "Continue" to preview your ad and confirm that the color displays. Click "Continue" again, input the CAPTCHA sequence and click "Submit." Wait for a confirmation email from Craigslist, and when it arrives in your inbox, click the link within the message to activate your ad.

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