3 Easy Things to Remember When Naming Your Dog

Are you busily preparing for a new puppy or anticipating adopting a shelter dog? Well, one of the first things on your mind has to be - What will I name my new dog? Right? Naming a dog can be a difficult task because you want to get it right and have a name that fits your new found friend for a lifetime! Here are three easy things to remember as you begin the task of picking the right name...
#1-Use a brainstorming list to start to generate ideas of names you like.
Keeping a running list will help you compare each name you add to others that you have liked before.
However, please remember as you begin your list, do not self-censor any of the names that come to mind, in other words, just keep the list free-flowing until you have at least ten names to choose from.
As your list gets longer you can compare and contrast each name you add to those already on the list, and pick the one that stands out above the rest! #2-Pick a name that is short as dogs respond best to one or two syllable words.
Please remember that short doesn't have to mean ordinary, or boring.
Use your creativity when making your list in step #1, but use the idea of shortness-1 to 2 syllable words when editing your list.
One of our favorite pet names was "Gatsby" from the novel The Great Gatsby.
It was short, but not ordinary and we were proud to call it out-loud.
#3- Wait until your pet is in your home to make your final decision! Having a chance to observe your new friend for a day or two is a wonderful way to choose the right name off of that wonderful list you have created and edited.
Playing with and observing your new dog in your home will help you and your family select the right name on your list based upon your new addition's personality.
Remember, naming your new dog is a wonderful exercise to go through as you think about bringing home your new dog for the first time.
Have fun with it and enjoy your new friend for a lifetime!
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