I Want A Yorkie Terrier Puppy - So What Is There To Think About?

Before you reach your final decision, you have to consider several very important and serious aspects.
If you live on your own, then the first point to consider will not affect you.
However, if there are more people in your family, then you have to consider their feelings.
Bringing any pet into your life, not just yorkie terriers, but any animal can result in a considerable amount of stress, friction and possible lifestyle changes.
You must make sure that everybody is in agreement and harmonious with your wish to have a pet.
If not and it only takes one person not to agree for any reason, then the result will be very stressful for everyone including the poor animal.
Very importantly, you must consider the finances.
The costs only begin with the purchase price of the yorkie terrier puppy.
Having a dog, or any animal for that matter is an ongoing commitment, there is a considerable amount to pay for.
You must consider the expense of the food, the pet insurance, the vets bill including all necessary inoculations and regular preventative medicines and very importantly, especially to those yorkie terriers, the grooming and hair care costs.
You must also think about the time.
Please remember, this is not just about what you want.
You should not even consider purchasing a puppy if you are not going to be around for the greater amount of the time.
A little yorkie or any puppy can only be left alone for periods of say an hour or so at any one time.
If you think about it, the puppy has been taken away from every thing it knows, both of the parents and of course the brothers and sisters.
Plus the people that used to look after them, whom obviously provided the financial and general stability.
So, if you are not there, then both anxiety and fear will take affect and possibly set in very deeply.
Believe me they need you.
They need your time, attention, care and most of all love especially at this time.
Anxiety and stress is more prevalent in puppies, however adult dogs can also become very stressed and ill if they are left alone for long periods of time.
All dogs are pack animals, it has always been that way, it is instinctive to them.
Remember to them you are their pack and they are there to protect and look after you.
You must also give some consideration to both your health and your age and how these two factors would impact on having a puppy.
Although yorkie terriers are feisty little dogs and do not require as much or as constant exercise as some larger dogs, they do still require exercise.
However, if you can physically cope with this, it will be both enjoyable and good exercise for you as well.
Please think long and hard on whether your current lifestyle, employment, financial situation and health will allow you to give everything to those wonderful little yorkie terriers need and deserve.
If the answer is yes, you can guarantee that the love, the loyalty and the companionship you give, will be returned to you time and time and time again.
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