How to Choose a Team Within Your Chosen Network Marketing Company

I have had an interesting week where people have been agonizing over which teams they should join within their company.
Not that I blame them.
Finding and connecting with a group of like minded individuals is the key to your success.
After narrowing down your choices it is time to interview your eager wannabe uplines.
What are the five key questions to ask them? 1.
How long have they been with the company.
You are looking at their knowledge base and commitment.
If they are relatively new, but you connect, who is their upline and are they available to help you.
How do they market.
You both need to be on the same page.
If you want to market online you do not need someone telling you to host parties talk to people in grocery store lines.
What can they teach you? What is the teams vision? How does that suit you? 4.
Does the team hold frequent webinars and events so you feel connected to a greater energy.
Most importantly how do you relate to the person you are talking with.
You are going to be building this together.
Check that person out using social media.
What do they tweet about, check them out on Facebook, do they have a blog? We have great tools to take a peek into a person's life without meeting them.
Lastly an important note.
Even if you have the greatest upline and smartest team it is still up to you to learn how to market YOU.
The people who excel in network marketing are extremely driven and passionate about what they do.
No one else can do that for you.
All the best Emma
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