Tips On Gemstone Rings

Pretty gemstone rings are everywhere, but the majority of us do not know how to select gemstone rings for women. We pick out what we think is attractive, and we assume that jeweler is being fair and honest with us on the price Other than a few stones we do not even recognize all of the gens that are available to be made into these finger adornments.

Gemstone rings are available as expensive items and there are cheap gemstone rings. When you are looking for these rings you will find them available at many different locations. Gemstone rings for women can be purchased at department stores, even those department stores that do not have a jewelry section will likely have a few of these items somewhere in their merchandise.

Cheap gemstone rings can be purchased when the gem is of a lesser quality. All gems are rated according to their purity, their coloration, and their size and weight. A stone that has flaws in it cannot be sold for the same amount of money that a flawless stone can be sold for. This does not make the jewelry that is fashioned using the stones unattractive it simply means the actual stone is worth less than some others. Jewelers often use these gems to create beautiful pieces that ladies can use for every day wear and save the more precious gems to create pieces that are only going to be worn on special occasions.

Amethyst is a gem that is actually a type of quartz. The amethyst is not as expensive as diamonds, rubies, or emeralds, but they are beautiful and unique. Generally they are a purple color. Garnet is another gem that is not as precious as diamonds or rubies, but has a magnificent coloration and makes extremely pretty items. Many people often mistake these gems for rubies when they see them.

Peridot is a bright lily green gem that when it is darker in color it can be mistaken for an emerald. When the gems are truly the brightest of green they are the more expensive items. Citrine is a magnificent yellow in color that looks almost golden in certain light. These gems are known for their colors, but are actually often found in other colors and variations. The different colors are caused by different amounts of things like iron in the gems.

When you look for a gemstone that is pure first you need to discover how that gem looks in its purest form. The purest form of peridot is colorless.

Gemstone rings are available from many different sources. You can find cheap gemstone rings in department stores, at jewelers, and even online at some websites.

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