Healthy Childrens Recipes

When babies are about six months old, they start showing their characters. At least my children do. They fuss over what they wear, what they eat, what they play with. I call it fussing; they probably call it freedom of choice. It is worst with food. I had to come up with a range of healthy children recipes, because my baby would just flatly refuse to eat something he would find boring. I know that it is a sign of hard times coming, but I am happy that my baby is addicted to healthy children recipes, than if he insisted on macaroni and cheese every day, like my friend Vandas little boy does.
There is nothing worse for a mother than a picky eater. Meals become a battle of wills between a mother and a child. I am really happy that my little gourmet knows what he wants, and what he wants is highly flavorful food. I think we are all eating better since he insists on nice meals. Maybe that is the secret why kids fuss over food: it is boring.
I was particularly surprised to find out that my baby is partial to organic food. He would chomp on an organic carrot like a little rabbit, trying his new teeth. So, not only that I developed quite a collection of healthy children recipes, but they are all made of organic ingredients. I might as well go all the way, and make his meals as healthy as possible. I am afraid my baby is going to be an organic food nut and run the Greenpeace one day.
Organic or no organic is a frequent topic of discussion among us, young moms. I shared my healthy children recipes with my friends, and I tried to explain to them how much healthier organic food is than the normally grown produce. Organic food is grown with no growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids or potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides. It is not made of genetically modified organisms, which are, in my opinion, still not tested enough, and it is not irradiated to make it ripen faster. I have a healthy fear of radiation. My healthy children recipes are made only of the certified organic produce. Did I mention that organic food tastes so much better? No wonder they work so well with my healthy children recipes, and my baby gobbles it up.
Problem with healthy children recipes is that they take time to make. And not only make: finding organic produce is not that easy, especially if you want it fresh, from a local farmer. Fortunately, there are now ready-made meals, prepared with organic ingredients, which have the same quality and nutritional value as your meals made according to healthy children recipes. My baby did not notice the difference, and that should be the best advertisement for them. Maybe I should send a photo of my baby eating them to the manufacturer, they might send me a year supply! I have the right to dream.
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