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If you are attempting to pay off your debts by sending slightly more than the minimum payments to your creditors, you probably noticed that your balances are not dropping as fast as you wanted. If you have such feeling that your debt balances are not reducing according to your expectation and your current finance situation allowing you to pay slightly more than the minimum amount. Did you know that HOW you pay your debts can affect how soon you will finish paying them off - even if you keep paying the same amount for debt every month? It's called Debt Staking method. When it comes to bankruptcy filling, it should be your last option. Although bankruptcy filling can gives you a fast debt relief, its consequences follow you for years.

It's not always the easiest to figure out the mathematics, but there are three steps to quicker debt relief.

STEP ONE - Create a list.

List your smallest debts first followed by your largest high-interest debts (credit card) and then your largest low-interest debts (Lines of credit and taxes).

Plan to pay the minimums on all debts with these goals in mind:

STEP TWO - Small bills first.

They may not be the highest interest, but every bill that you are paying some interest on means you are usually only paying minimal amounts on the principal. Multiple debts are also a sure way to bring your spirits down. Paying off small debts first is a quick way to start checking them off - and freeing your mind.

STEP THREE - Move the payments along.

When one debt is paid add the funds to the next debt. For example, say you're making $75 payments to a small debt. When the debt is cleared add the $75 to the next debt on your list. If the next debt had a minimum payment of $100, you will now pay $175 until it is paid off. When that one is finished, take the $175 and add it to the next payment and so on.

STEP FOUR - Save the cash!

Don't forget that when your debts are cleared you have set yourself up for a better financial future. The best way to take advantage of your new situation is to use all the money you were spending on debts and start investing or saving it every month.

With this strategy your debts will clear faster meaning you will pay less interest, you will see progress as you clear small debts first, and you will not be tempted to use the funds for personal use instead of debt repayment.

By focusing all your extra money to one debt at a time and targeting on the highest interest rate, you are erasing your most expensive liability faster. As each debt gets paid, you apply the money that uses to pay the first debt to the 2nd highest interest debt which has the lower interest rate as compare to the first one. Hence, the 2nd debt will be wiped out faster than the first one. And you continue to repeat the same process for the next and following debt, you will notice that each successive debt is wiped out faster than the one before. You will be happily surprised at how expedient this process is!
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