Being in Love - Does The Feeling Always End?

You know the feeling.
When you are madly in love, it feels like it will never end.
So you carry on like there will be no tomorrow.
Recent research has shown, however, that the wild, in-love feeling always comes to an end.
That's because the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate this aspect of the human in-love system inevitably return to normal.
This has little to do with you or your partner.
But rather, it involves a normal biological balancing process.
After your in-love system readjusts in this fashion, you have three choices.
You can move into the next stage of being in love, which involves becoming more deeply affectionate.
Or, you can deal with your confusion and try to work it out with your partner.
And, of course, the final option is to move on.
This is not hard to understand because most of us have been through it.
We went wild about someone and wanted to be with that person.
We thought about that person almost constantly.
But no one warned us that we would wake up one day and not be obsessed about our lover.
This was especially frustrating if we believed that we could hold the relationship together by simply being crazy about each other.
But that's the stuff of dreams and movies.
In the real world, our biology works differently.
You go crazy about someone when your levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin drop way down.
Then, you start thinking obsessively about your partner or potential partner, kind of like someone with an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
That's fun while the in-love high lasts.
But recent studies have shown that your serotonin levels will always return to normal-between 12 and 30 months down the road.
That's when you will get excited to see your partner if you have moved into the second stage of being in love.
But you won't think obsessively about him or her, anymore-unless you have a dysfunctional relationship style.
This might sound complex, but it really isn't.
So don't let this information stop you from falling in love.
Enjoy yourself.
Just don't make any big decisions until you have been with your partner for at least a year.
It takes that long to know whether your relationship is serious or whether you have simply gone crazy about each other-which is a feeling that never lasts.
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