Clutter - 5 Common Mistakes People Make In Dealing With Clutter

Clutter in your life can have a huge impact on your energy, well-being, happiness and success.
For some people, clutter isn't a big issue but for others it becomes a real problem.
When dealing with clutter, there are 5 common mistakes people make that not only make becoming clutter free difficult process but also adds to frustration and irritation which in turn has a negative impact on your life.
These mistakes include:
  • thinking that clutter is only about items.
    Clutter also includes things we have started and not completed; things not put away or thrown out; possessions we no longer use or are broken; habits we keep repeating that no longer serve a purpose; activities we continue to do because "we have always done it that way"; beliefs we hang onto that are not true; holding on to relationships that haven't worked for a long time
  • thinking people who are relatively clutter free are born organisers, they enjoy cleaning and tidying up, and are neat freaks.
    It is true, some people have got a natural tendency towards tidying up and being clutter free -- organising their environment and life happens without much thought or effort.
    Many people who have clutter free lives, however, are not born organisers and don't find being organised particularly natural or easy.
    They have learnt techniques and tips to help them become clutter free
  • thinking that clutter is only about getting organised.
    Becoming clutter free in your life is more than just being organised, it's about getting rid of the clutter.
    Being organised is only part of the solution to be clutter free.
    You need to get rid of clutter before you get organised...
    if you don't, all you end up with is very organised clutter
  • thinking that if we put things in a different place it will improve clutter.
    Shuffling things around still means you have the same amount of clutter in your life.
    By shuffling things, putting them somewhere else, you are not making any real improvement to the clutter in your life
  • thinking that getting rid of clutter has to be done all in one hit.
    This is one of the biggest mistakes people make, thinking that they have to do it all in one session.
    Even spending a few minutes tidying up, throwing out, putting away, changing habits can make a huge difference to the clutter in your life
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