How to Replace the 6019i Faceplate Phone Cover

    • 1). Make sure your Nokia 6019i is turned off.

    • 2). Remove the back cover by pushing the release button and pushing the plastic cover toward the bottom of the phone.

    • 3). Pull out the battery by using the finger grip area and lifting up.

    • 4). Take off the front cover by pulling it from the bottom. It will slide loose with the key assembly attached.

    • 5). Separate the key assembly from the old faceplate, and pair it with your new faceplate.

    • 6). Line up the new faceplate with your phone, and push it into position. It will snap into place.

    • 7). Reattach the battery, making sure the terminals line up correctly.

    • 8). Slide the back cover into place.

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