Automotive Waste Removal Tools


    Bucket and Funnel

    • In most cases, a basic set of wrenches and a pair of pliers will be sufficient to remove whatever hose, clamp or drain you need to pull off to let the fluid drain from the car. However, you will have a very difficult time draining any type of fluid out of your vehicle directly into a storage container, especially if the storage container has a relatively small opening. To avoid spills you should keep a large bucket on hand to catch and collect the fluids as they drain from the vehicle. Once the fluids are in the bucket, you can place a funnel into the lid of the storage container and carefully pour the fluid from the bucket, through the funnel and into a resealable storage container.


    • The first thing you need to know about automotive waste is how to properly store it. The majority of hazardous automotive waste products are fluids, which can make them slightly more difficult to store. The best solution is to keep the plastic bottles that all of these substances originally came in so that when you drain the fluids, you can funnel the contents back into their original storage container. If you do not have the original storage containers, you should use a heavy plastic or metal container that can be tightly sealed. Make sure all containers are clearly labeled so that it is easy to identify the contents of each container. Containers should always be stored in a cool, dark place and protected from extreme temperatures.

    Safety Equipment

    • When handling potentially hazardous chemicals, it is important to avoid getting them on your skin or allowing them to come in contact with the ground. You should always wear long sleeves, gloves and protective eye-wear when handling chemicals. You should also place a large tarp or plastic sheet on the ground to contain any potential spills while transferring fluids from the vehicle into the bucket or from the bucket into the storage container.

    Disposing of Substances Properly

    • There's really no way to dispose of hazardous substances properly on your own. Therefore, one of the most important tools you can have in terms of automotive waste disposal is a good automotive waste recycling program or center. Most local jurisdictions offer both a hazardous waste collection program with specific waste drop-off days as well as a recycling program. Some areas even provide special containers for used motor oil. You should become familiar with these programs and their collection practices so that you only have to store automotive waste for a limited amount of time before the recycling or disposal facility can take it. You do not want automotive waste accumulating on your property for years and decades, regardless of how well it is stored. If your area does not have any programs that deal with automotive waste, your local auto parts store will often take items, such as batteries and used oil, for you.

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