Don"t Make These Web Design Mistakes Part 2

Slow Loading Images This is another mistake that will turn visitors away instantly.
All images need to be sized properly and be in jpeg format so they will load fast on any site because even these days not every has high speed internet access.
You need to cater for everybody.
Poor Quality Images This will make or break the look and feel of a website.
Always use good quality high resolution images if you want a professional looking site.
Content Not Updated.
Many sites have last updated dates and sometimes it's years.
If your not updating your content on a regular basis I highly recommend not using the "last updated" text, it gives your visitors a poor impression of your business.
Another thing to note is Google loves sites that have content, videos and information being added consistently.
Links That Don't Work Don't go there, this can really annoy your visitors especially if it's a link that was supposed to lead to information they were interested in.
Always check every link on your site and make sure they lead to the place they were intended to.
Google penalises sites that have broken links.
No Relevant Page Titles, Meta Keywords or Meta Descriptions.
Experienced and Inexperienced webmasters get this wrong so often, I can't believe how many sites I check that have little or no relevant info in these areas or worst still have no relevance to the to the main keywords on that page.
Although it's not as important as it used to be it can still have a bearing on search engines finding the site as well as it's rankings.
Good quality web design is essential if you want to keep visitors and potential customers on your website.
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