Make Him Crazy About You - He"ll Fall in Love

Are you always playing the nice girl and trying to please everyone, but you can never make him fall in love with you? Does it seem to be hopeless, but you really don't want to give up hope just yet? Do you dream of having that great love and you're ready to do just about anything? You don't have to go to extremes to win a man's love.
Just read this article and see how simple love can be.
In the past, women were expected to fulfill a very specific role in a relationship; they cooked, raised the kids, scrubbed the house down and played the perfect little wife.
But the roles have changed dramatically and some women seem to have lost their way in the process.
The freedom from the restrictive past has led way to a free and fanciful present, and this also means that sex if wild and free.
Women don't think twice about getting into bed with a man they hardly know.
It's the cool and hip thing to do; have sex with no emotions as so many men succeed in doing.
However, when you're looking to build more of a relationship, the sex with no emotions part isn't really helpful.
And though you may be going to bed with him thinking he's a potential keeper, he's still just thinking of having sex and wanting nothing more.
Put this new sexual freedom aside a moment and think of the freedom you also have to show him the vibrant, intelligent and ambitious woman you are.
Your dates with him can be tinged with a hint of sexual energy, but don't allow it to be the focal point.
You want him to think, "Wow, she's smart, funny and I love talking to her...
and she's sexy on top of it.
" If you were stuck on the notion that men only want good looks and hot sex, you'll discover a whole new grouping of men if you put your other qualities out there first.
This will actually allow you to get closer to him, because he'll want to learn more and more about you, and the sexual tension will remain, even intensify.
Let the friendship grow, all while remaining physically attractive.
The combination is a killer and few men can resist a woman they enjoy being with and with whom they are eager to one day have sex with.
Not only will he fall in love with you, but he'll be crazy about you.
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