Destinations for Camping in Israel

Israel – the land of all wonders is the perfect destination to go into camping trips with friends or family. This can especially be a much required change from the usual destinations such as hostels, hotels, resorts and lodges. After all, when it comes to a country as diverse in its landscape as Israel, then you can always try and make your travel plans a bit different just to add spice to it. A bit of adventure will definitely go a long way in making the trip memorable for you and try camping in Israel to add that extra bit of thrill and excitement.

As far as camping in Israel is concerned, destinations are many, as Israel includes river side locations, valleys, mountains and forests and all other kinds natural locations where camping can be enjoyed in its true essence. The terrain of the country makes for a perfect destination in all ways possible, for going on long trips of camping in Israel.

What you need to go for camping in Israel

If camping in Israel is what you have in your mind then you need to be well prepared for it as well. There are certain things that you need to consider before going on a camping trail. Proper Shoes and clothes, mosquito repellants, sunscreen lotion, shades, umbrella or raincoat and proper food and beverages – these are extremely important for ensuring an enjoyable and healthy camping in Israel.

Destinations for Camping in Israel

Wondering about where to go for camping in Israel? Don't worry you will have enough of places to be spoilt for choice! This is especially true after the country has revived from the political unrest. Whether it is hiking or bike trails that you prefer, there is a destination to suit your tastes. Hotels and zimmers don't have the magic that is there in staying in campsites. Upper Galilee, for instance, has excellent locations by the river where the tourists love to set their camps.

If you want to try out staying in well built camping sites with playgrounds, lawns and dining areas, camping in Israel also provides such options. In fact, it is a great way to stay close to the basic amenities as well as enjoying the natural environment that camping in Israel offers.

But if you are one of those who would rather prefer seclusion to planned residence during your camping in Israel trip then you can actually set up a tent and get the true feel of camping in Israel. The Negev desert is one such destination where you can soak in the completely natural ambiance by going for dive in coral reserves of the Red Sea or just take a short dip for feeling refreshed.

This apart, there are also arrangements for camping in Israel in the hike trails which encompass areas such Valley Springs Trail surrounding the Jordan Valley, and the Golan Trail which include slopes of Mt. Hermon leading way Golan Heights.

Another interesting camping site is the Lake Kineret near had nes, which offers the travelers an option to take part in various water sports activities apart from pitching a tent on the coastal sites. There are also camping locations in Ramon Canyon you can plan for overnight camping in Israel as well.
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