Extending the Lifespan of Your Laminate Flooring

If you've chosen to install laminate flooring in your home, you already know that it's a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to hardwood.
You can get the exact same look and feel without shelling out the big bucks or worrying about the moisture problems that plague anything made of natural materials like wood.
While there is no question that this type of surface is the less-demanding option, there are still several ways to extend its lifespan, saving you even more time and money.
Preventative Maintenance for Your Laminate Flooring - Use only the cleaning products meant for use with your exact surface type.
While maintaining the beauty of your rooms requires only a soft bristle broom or a vacuum with a soft floor attachment, keep in mind that, unlike with hardwood, Murphy's Oil could dull your finish or increase the chance of an accident due to a slip and fall.
You should receive instructions for cleaning with your installation, so consult those before cleaning the first time.
- Remember that it's a manufactured material.
This means that you shouldn't wet-mop, as standing water could damage it.
You'll want to make sure that you don't use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring powder.
The top layer is an overlay meant to increase its lifespan.
It's made to be wear-resistant, but scratching it will damage this coating, allowing debris to sink into the lower layers.
This could decrease its lifespan and lead to fading or unsightly discoloration.
- Avoid wear and tear.
Put felt or another soft fabric underneath the legs of your furniture, and use a wider piece of fabric for heavier furniture to account for shifting.
When moving pieces of furniture around, pick them up rather than dragging them to avoid marking your floor.
Place an area rug or kitchen mat in front of the sink in your kitchen, if you have laminate flooring there, in order to provide a barrier for water droplets.
Avoid wearing cleats, sports shoes, or high heels inside to help prevent dents, scratches, and scuff marks.
- Maintain a consistent level of humidity.
While it's true that you have to worry about moisture less with this surface than with hardwood, any room that has water problems or is consistently damp should have a dehumidifier placed in it.
On the other hand, if you have a room that's consistently very dry, you'll want to consider using a humidifier to avoid drying out the material too much.
- Clean as you go.
Make sure you wipe up and spills, even if they're just water, when they happen.
Preventing spills from becoming a problem means that you won't have to worry about dealing with that damage later on.
Laminate flooring is a durable, highly customizable, gorgeous alternative to hardwood.
While the maintenance required is less than the maintenance for pricier alternatives, these tips will help you extend its lifespan and aesthetic, which means even less hassle, stress, and money out of your pocket.
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