Breakfast Served Under an Acacia

A delicious breakfast is served in a gorgeous spot, more champagne, excellent coffee... more below.

The balloon ride itself is magical enough and it's followed by a magnificent breakfast, served by the crew who quickly change into these colonial-style costumes. It's a little surreal to say the least, but in a good way. The breakfast is cooked on the spot and is absolutely delicious, sausages, bacon, eggs, the whole nine yards. A small tent is set up a short distance away for those who need to use the "facilities".

Since you spend all your time in the Serengeti inside a safari vehicle, sitting outside under the umbrella of an acacia tree is quite wonderful. A couple of hundred feet away dozens of vultures were enjoying a breakfast of dead zebra, luckily the wind was not blowing in our direction.

Once breakfast was over we were handed our official certificates and the balloon trip had officially come to an end.

They say a balloon ride over the Serengeti is a "once on a lifetime experience" but I am very much hoping to experience it again. It is absolutely worth every penny and I'd like to thank everyone at African Portfolio for making it possible.

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