Unidos do Viradouro


Viradouro Introduction:

G.R.E.S. Unidos do Viradouro, known simply as Viradouro, is a samba school from Niterói – the city across from Rio on Guanabara Bay – which parades in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Viradouro is famous for its bateria, or percussion section, which usually scores 10 in the parade competition, under the direction of Mestre Ciça.

In 2008, Viradouro received Prêmio Qualidade Brasil, an award for its quality performances in Rio de Janeiro Carnival and for its initiatives in fostering quality of life among Niterói communities.

Viradouro colors are red and white.

Vivendo Esperança:

"Living Hope" is the umbrella name for Viradouro's social programs, which include dental and medical treatments, samba and ballet classes for children, sports, and activities for the elderly.

Kids can also participate in the junior samba school. They parade at the Sambadrome on Carnival Friday.

Viradouro History Highlights:

Founded in 1946, Viradouro first paraded in Rio de Janeiro under the Rio de Janeiro Samba School Association (AESCRJ). The samba school was the champion of the A Group in 1990.

In 1991, Viradouro debuted in the Special Group (Grupo Especial), or the main Carnival parade, as an Independent Samba School League ( Liesa) affiliate. The samba school won the 1997 Special Group title.

Between 2004 and 2008, Viradouro gained a lot of notoriety with model and actress Juliana Paes, considered by many the sexiest woman in Brazil, as the school's Rainha da Bateria, or Queen of the Percussion Section.

Viradouro in Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2010:

"Mexico, the Color Paradise, Under the Sign of the Sun" was the Viradouro theme for 2010.

Viradouro was the fourth samba school to parade on Carnival Sunday, Feb.14, 2010. The samba school's decision to feature the seven-year old daughter of Viradouro president Marco Lira as drum section queen spurred widespread criticisms, since the drum section queen role is associated with overt sensuality.

The parade in general cost the school its position in the Special Group Parade. The school was demoted to the Access Group A Parade 2011. São Clemente was promoted to the Special Group 2011 Parade in its place.

Viradouro Samba Court:

The Viradouro headquarters - the samba school's quadra, or samba court, are located at:
Avenida do Contorno 16
Niterói - RJ
Phone: 55-21-2628-7840

How to Get to Viradouro:

Take the Rio-Niterói Bridge and then the Manilha exit, as if going to the Lake Region (Região dos Lagos). Before taking the Niterói-Manilha, and before Sam's Club and Carrefour Manilha, take a right at the sign to Barreto. That's Avenida do Contorno. Drive on it till you see Viradouro on your left.
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