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Refusing Field Sobriety Tests

When you are pulled over by an officer for suspicion of DUI, initial interrogation is likely to take place. After you are asked a few questions, administration of a field sobriety test will follow. Unfortunately, ...

Pure Comparative Negligence

To work with the problem of blame and fault in claims involving injuries caused by negligence, certain states have adopted various philosophies regarding claims eligibility. In many cases, confusion can spawn from unclear circumstances of who is precisely to blame, and who retains the right to file

Auto Accident Lawyer - Basic Safety Suggestions for Night Driving

While driving a car at night may not seem like a significant problem for expert drivers says an auto accident lawyer, it is a significant danger for a lot of people, many who experience blurred distance vision and have problems viewing signs, exits, and even, pedestrians. Daylight Savings Time has p

Accident Attorney - Do You Have a Case?

When a person is hurt in an accident, it does not always result in a personal injury lawsuit. Oftentimes, the injury is mild, and no accident attorney is involved. Other times, though, the injuries are serious and expensive, and a personal injury lawyer has to get involved.

Paralysis From Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal column encases a bundle of nerves called the spinal cord that make up a very important part of your nervous system. While your backbone does a good job to protect your spinal cord, serious accidents such as elevated falls and car wrecks can break through the spine's defenses and seve

Truth About No Win No Fee Accident Compensation Claims

Although many people are aware of the term "No Win No Fee" not everybody is aware of the complete legalities associated with the term. On the surface this is the name of a contract or an agreement that you make with your personal injury lawyer. Under this agreement the lawyer or the law fi

Personal Injury Claims For Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a particularly devastating form of cancer. It affects the mesothelial cells covering the outer surface of most of our organs. It can develop on the organs of the abdomen or chest and around 70% of cases affect the lungs. Its survival rates are low, largely because there are no early

Understand Defamation

Libel and slander are the two terms that define an act of defaming. Libel is a form of defamation that occurs as a result of something untrue and harmful being written about a person. Slander is a reference to untrue and harmful things being said, or spoken in relation to a person. The two are not m

Personal Injury Litigation - Personal Injury Law

While nobody prays to be the victim of an accident or mishap, these accidents happen daily and they result from different causes. Thankfully, personal injury law has created a way for accident victims to receive justice and compensation. In reality, if there was no personal injury law, a lot of vict

More Than Thugs

Motorcyclists come in a wide variety, but they all share one common problem:they are often lumped into one unsavory category. At best, they are often considered fool-hardy; at worst they are regarded as thugs.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Even though technology has advanced to the point that vehicles have been made safe for use by people, road traffic accidents still abound. This is because these accidents arise not from the vehicles, but from the neglect and lack of discipline of both motorists and pedestrians. In fact, statistics s

New Safety Car Technology

With millions of cars on our roadways, each day, we rely on our car to be as safe as it can be. As drivers, one of our biggest investments is a vehicle. We need it ...

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Article provided by Washington DC Medical Malpractice Attorney Baltimore Maryland Lawyer - Schultz & Trombly, P.L.L.C. DC personal injury law firm of Schultz & Trombly understand that

Structured Settlements; Beware the Vultures

From: New York attorney Gary E. Rosenberg (personal injury and accident lawyer) Structured settlements are lawsuit settlements - usually from personal injury or accident cases - paid out over a time period of months or ...