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How to Obtain Power of Attorney in Mental Health Issues

Dementia in older adults or other mental illness in adults of any age can devastate the lives of the afflicted and their loved ones. The possible inability to manage financial affairs can have consequences that last long after a mental illness episode and, for elderly dementia patients, may have a n

How to Get a Birth Certificate for a Child Born on a U.S. Military Installation

A child born overseas is a U.S. citizen at birth, as long as at least one biological parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of the birth. Although the best way to prove parentage is through a birth certificate, state governments do not issue birth certificates for overseas births, and foreign birth c

How to Get a Copy of My Tax Return Transcript

If you are applying for a loan or need a copy of your income tax return, the Internal Revenue Service will provide you with a free transcript showing line items from your tax return. The copy covers information from form 1040A, 1040EZ or 1040. Line items from additional forms and schedules are also

How to Obtain a Death Certificate in Los Angeles

If you are doing research on your family tree and want to know how your grandparents or other relatives died, or if you need to transfer the remains of an individual from one cemetery to another, the first thing you will need to do is obtain the individual's death certificate. For death certificates

Commercial Building Laws

Commercial buildings are regulated by several laws.building it image by Vanessa van Rensburg from Fotolia.comWhile any kind of building or construction can be dangerous, commercial building can be especially dangerous. Many commercial structures are built much higher than houses and...

How to Find an Original Birth Certificate After Adoption

Although the laws vary between states, most adult adoptees may access their original birth certificates. Currently, there are few U.S. states with open adoption laws that allow you to access your original birth certificate without proving a specific need for the information. In states with closed ad

How to Restructure a Promissory Note

Although contracts and promissory notes are binding, they are not forever. With the consent of all involved parties, promissory notes can be restructured to better suit changing circumstances in the market and between individuals. Although you do not need an attorney to change your arrangement, cons

Types of Civil Court Cases

Civil courts are responsible for handling cases that do not involve a crime. Civil cases are disputes between individuals or groups that cannot be solved without the intervention of the court. One party, called the claimant or plaintiff, files a lawsuit or complaint against another party, called the

How Can I Remove Myself From Mail Lists?

Seemingly no matter what you do, junk mail finds its way to your mail box. Sometimes, it's due to the fact that you signed up for a free promotion a while ago that you might not remember. Other times, you might be the unwitting victim of name selling. There are ways to rid yourself of this problem,

Legal Rights of Michigan Property Owners

Porperty owners have legal rights in Michigan.michigan map image by Vladislav Gajic from Fotolia.comA property owner has rights to the land, guaranteed by the United States Constitution. In Michigan, the constitution is upheld, but sometimes state laws become hazy and a person's rights...

How to Get a Free Attorney for a Child Support Case on Staten Island

When a married couple separate and then divorce, the two individuals will not always be able to finalize child-support issues without having to go to court. Depending on the financial situation of the individual seeking child support, the costs associated with legal representation and a court appear

How to Avoid Canada Lottery Scam

I know I usually tell you how to earn money online but this article will tell you how to save money or not be fooled by this obvious lottery check scam. IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT'S PROBABLY A SCAM!

Documents Needed to Secure a Promissory Note

Promissory notes are legal binding contracts between the lender and borrower to secure the terms of the loan. Having a valid promissory note does not guarantee the lender will get her money back from the borrower. To secure the loan in its entirety, a lender may add other documents such as default j

How to Order a Death Certificate in San Francisco

When you need proof of someone's passing, you can order a death certificate that shows the place and time of their death. In San Francisco, the Department of Public Health handles the local birth and death records. It's only able to access and give copies of death certificates for people who died in

How to Obtain a Death Certificate in NYC

Family and friends of deceased New York City residents can obtain death certificates for a variety of reasons: to augment family records, to research genealogical information or even to confirm a discount on funeral-related airfare. The city's Municipal Archives maintains the records of all deaths t

Air Force Reserve Paralegal Jobs

One of the most demanding enlisted career fields in the Air Force Reserve is paralegal. This job requires a lot of training. Training and experience you receive in the Air Force Reserve can translate to a high-paying civilian career as a paralegal or legal secretary.

Medical Power of Attorney for Kids

The legal definition of a power of attorney is "an instrument granting someone authority to act as agent or attorney-in-fact for the grantor," according to "Black's Law Dictionary." A power of attorney is a legal document that designates an agent---the person designated to make decisions--to act on

Information on Changing a Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are important documents that can be used for establishing and verifying identity, as well as providing a record of a birth; the names of the birth parents; the state, city, county, and hospital where the birth took place; and other vital information. For this reason, it is importa