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How to Upload Videos and Pictures From an iPhone to a Computer

One of the iPhone's most impressive features is its built-in still camera and -- in newer generations -- its HD video camera. Developers have released thousands of photo manipulation apps to turn your iPhone into a Polaroid camera, an infrared lens or an x-ray machine, but those photos aren't much g

How To Clean Shure Earphones

When wax builds up inside Shure earphones, the sound quality can be lowered, and you may be compelled to send the earphones back for repairs. Shure will charge an extra fee for cleaning wax out of the earphones, so it's cheaper if you clean them with the Wax Removal Loop and good old fashioned soap

How to Push a Calendar From an iPhone to MobileMe

Sync the iPhone's Calendar application to your MobileMe service to stay organized across both platforms. When you enable the calendar sync feature, the iPhone pushes events from the Calendar app to your MobileMe account so you can access the information on your home or work computer. After you turn

How to Use Activity Monitor to Track Memory Use in OS X

Using Activity Monitor to Track Memory Usage: It can sometimes be difficult to get your head around OS X memory usage, especially when it comes time to consider upgrades for your Mac. Will adding more memory provide a significant performance increase? That's a question I often hear, so let&apos

How to Upload Pics From iPhone to Computer

Apple's iPhone smartphone comes with a VGA-quality front-facing camera and a 5.0-megapixel rear-facing camera that allow you to capture pictures in any situation. The process of transferring these pictures to your computer differs slightly depending on the operating system your computer is using, bu

How to Run Calculator From Terminal on an iPhone

If you have a jailbroken iPhone with a MobileTerminal application installed, you can use the device's Terminal to control the iPhone, much like you would use the Terminal application to control a Mac computer. The MobileTerminal can be used for advanced tasks or basic functions, such as launching an

How to Sync My iPod With Windows Media Player 10

Apple and Microsoft have long been corporate rivals, releasing products that are intended as one's response to the other. Microsoft's Windows Media Player was once the dominant program for digital music, until Apple released the iPod and its related iTunes program. Since then, Apple has been stalwar

How to Restore an iPhone in Emergency Mode

An iPhone stuck in Emergency mode cannot properly function. You need to restore the iPhone to get it back to its out-of-the-box condition. This erases all settings, applications and files. All default iPhone applications and settings are restored to the device. You will subsequently regain complete

How to Use a Griffin iTrip

The Griffin iTrip is a small accessory for an Apple iPod, but produces big sound. When plugged into the audio output socket of any iPod (except the Shuffle)--usually where the headphones are inserted--the Griffin iTrip broadcasts the audio output to an open FM radio frequency. With a range of appr

How to Upgrade Memory on an iPhone

The iPhone couples a mobile phone, iPod, Internet browser, camera, email and many other features onto a single unit, also known as a smartphone. The iPhone is currently available in two models: iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3GS is available with 16 GB and 32 GB of memory. The iPhone 3G is av

How to Restart & Empty My iPod

At some point while owning an iPod, you may want to restart and empty the device. Restoring an iPod will bring it back to its original factory settings. Whether you want to make space or you just want it back to the way you bought it, resetting an iPod is a quick and easy process.

How to Convert MTS to iPod

Sometimes it can be a headache to play videos on your iPod. Take your home videos, for example. Many HD recorders create video files in the .mts format, which the iPod will not play. You will need to convert the file from .mts to the iPod format; to do this, you need to use a converter program, such

Can iPhone Apps Be Built With Flash?

Before September 2010, it was impossible to build an iPhone app using the popular Adobe Flash platform. However, Apple has lifted some restrictions and allowed Flash to be a basis for app development, among other software. It's now possible to use Adobe AIR, which comes with Adobe Creative Suite CS5

How to Convert Videos to an iPod Format Online

The iPod has advanced from a personal audio device into a multimedia player. While the iPod supports a variety of video file types, there are a number of extension types that will play on an iTunes player but not on an iPod. You can convert your videos to an iPod-compatible format online in just sec

What Is the First Thing I Should Do With My iPhone?

The iPhone is a multimedia-enabled smartphone created by Apple Inc. Besides functioning as a phone, the iPhone also works as a camera that takes pictures and records video, an Internet client with Web-browsing capabilities, and a media player that plays music, videos, audiobooks and games. Although

How to Put an iPod Into Sleep Mode

The iPod is a simple device to use with minimal controls. Apple works to refine its portable music players so they have a minimal amount of buttons and are operated with a series of gestures and moves. Some commands, such as putting an iPod into sleep mode, can be tricky to figure out. Here is how y

How to Copy QuickTime Movies to a Jailbroken iPhone

A jailbroken iPhone is one where you can use software applications on your computer to free the iPhone from its factory-made limitations, allowing you to use third-party applications on the device. QuickTime is the default video player included as part of the Mac OS X operating system. It includes a