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How to Knit a 20 Stitch Twisted Candle Pattern

This stitch is commonly referred to as a candle stitch because of the flame-like design that is the finished project. While no two candle stitches are exactly alike, they are all similar in one way--they require a knowledge of how to cable. To do this particular candle, the knitter will need to kn

Ideas for Candle Decorations for Safekeeps

Making diy candle decorations must always include fire-safety awareness.candles image by cherie from Fotolia.comRecycling certain items or making do-it-yourself decorations for candles must always include fire safeguards. Always making sure the flame does not directly touch any outer...

How to: Faith Shamrock Crafts

The shamrock, or seamróg (pronounced seamroy) in Irish, is Ireland's best-known cultural symbol. This unassuming three-leaved clover was revered even during the time of the ancient Celtic religion. A favorite Christian legend has St. Patrick using the shamrock to teach the Christian belief in

How to Make a Dragon Out of Balloons

A dragon balloon is the perfect tabletop ornament for a birthday party, a Cub Scout dinner, or any other medieval-themed occasion. The balloon dragon is simple to create and can be made by even the most inexperienced balloon artists. The dragon balloon can be made uniform in color, or dual-toned by

Video: How to Assign Actors in a Haunted House

Video Transcript As your designing your haunted house, you have to keep in mind which actors are going to go where. Now sometimes this is a chicken and egg question, because there are some great actors out there that can literally carry a whole scene. In those instances the scene (the...

Video: How to Edit Portrait Photos

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Jenn Page, and this is how to edit portrait photos. So the first thing you want to do when you're editing a portrait photo is create layers if your program allows you to. That way you can always go back in your work and go to an earlier version of it. The first...

Instructions for Making a Beeswax Lantern

Beeswax candle lanterns add beauty and elegance to any room. They may look difficult to make, but it is in fact very easy to successfully create one. When making a candle lamp, it is helpful to use only beeswax. Beeswax will burn clean, will not leave a toxic residue on clothing and furniture, and s

Making Santa Claus Doll Armature

Making Santa Claus dolls for Christmas is a fun craft that can be used to decorate your house or to give as a gift. You can make a Santa Claus doll that stands up by using an armature inside the doll. Create your armature with wire to further allow you to bend the doll into different positions.

How to Make an Origami Macaw Parrot

Origami dates back to ancient Japan as one of the oldest arts and crafts still in practice today. For children, origami can help build fine motor skills, as the subtle folds needed to make beautiful animals take patience and accuracy. Macaw parrots are indigenous to South and Central America and add

How to Sew Golf Head Covers

Golf head covers can be made at home for a fraction of the cost of expensive purchased covers. Sewing versatile covers that can work for putters and irons will save money and time when it comes to finding the right cover for the right club. Sewing golf head covers that will fit up to a 460 CC driver

How to Make a Flower Wristlet

Making flower wrist-lets, known as "daisy chaining," is a fun pastime for people of all ages. It is a common grade-school hobby for girls. It is a simple process that makes a beautiful piece of jewelry or decoration.

Dressmaking Tips

Dressmaking is a creative and rewarding craft that lets you make original clothing for yourself and your family. You will be able to choose the styles, fabrics, colors and embellishments you like. If you are new to dressmaking, read all of the information provided with your sewing machine and patter

Decorative Pillow Instructions

Decorative pillows create warmth and character. They are normally used on beds and sofas, but larger decorative pillows can also be used to create a cozy space on the floor. Pillows can be expensive to purchase in a home decor store. Making decorative pillows is more affordable, plus you can customi

How to Bead Beautiful Crystal Necklaces

Bead a beautiful crystal necklace that will be the envy of everyone around you. Create your necklace using crimping beads and crimping pliers to give your necklace a professional looking finish. Fix your necklace with Swarovski crystals to make it truly shimmer. Head to your local crafts store and p

How to Use Knee Highs for Baby Headbands

Elastic headbands will not only complement your baby girl's clothes but will also provide a way to keep her hair away from her face. Even newborns without hair can use these headbands for fashion's sake. These elastic headbands are oftentimes sold together with an outfit. The good news is that with

How to Make Q-Tip Snow Flakes

The first snow of the winter season is always beautiful, particularly before it becomes slushy, black and commonplace. If you live in a place where there is no snow or just cannot wait for winter to get started, try making these snowflakes with your kids as a way to kick off the winter holiday seaso

How to Make an Indian Rattle

Native Americans use rattles and other instruments during celebratory events, rituals and meditations. If you are teaching children about Native American cultures, you can help them become more involved and interested by providing them with the tools needed to make their own Indian rattle. Once the