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How to Create a Free Tournament

A tournament can create a sense of competition and entertainment in those who participate. Whether you're holding a pool tournament for eight friends or a poker tournament with the neighbors, these events can be time consuming to plan and end up costing money. To house a free tournament, you don't n

How to Make your Own Earrings

Earrings are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear. I feel that if you want a fun night out on the town you can wear some dangly earrings, they're just so much fun. If they dangle, peo

How to Make Pageant Socks

Preparing for a child's pageant requires getting all the necessary accessories ready that match each outfit for categories such as beauty, talent, specialty wear and outfit of choice. These accessories include socks. Sewing ribbon ruffles on the elastic top of children's socks in colors, prints and

How to Wire Wrap Undrilled Stones

Many jewelry-makers use semi-precious stones in their projects. Semi-precious stones are much less expensive than precious stones and sturdier than glass. Stones come in thousands of shapes, colors and sizes. Some are dyed, but more come with their own natural color and sparkle. Some stones come car

Toddler Football Crafts

Toddlers are just beginning to discover activities and traditions, and football season is no exception. Get the youngest of children involved in this American pastime with a variety of crafts found everywhere from the kitchen to the classroom. Try out a football craft at the beginning of the school

A Step By Step Guide To Making Tree Skirts

When it is Christmas time, everybody in the family is in on creating the best looking Christmas tree that they can make. Aside from all the beautiful decorations and the shiny star on top of ...

How to Make a Ceramic Ocarina

A ceramic ocarina is a clay instrument with a mouthpiece which makes musical sounds through a hollow air chamber. The ocarina originated in Africa thousands of years ago; however, this simplistic instrument can still be found in use worldwide.This flutelike vessel is modeled

How to Make Pyramid Crafts

Making pyramid crafts is a lot of fun--they are often used for reinforcing lessons about Egypt and other places around the world. With varied materials, you can create homemade pyramids that are very similar looking to the real thing.

How to Remove Face Paint From Barbie Dolls

A Barbie doll can come in many varieties. While Barbie dolls generally retain the same basic shape, facial features and ethnicities can vary. As part of every Barbie doll's features, you will find face paint creates her eyes and mouth. The eyes tend to have very dramatic paint to make the doll look

How to Design Dog Embroidery

Designing hand embroidery patterns is an easy and fun way to add a personal touch to garments, handbags, tea towels or home accessories. Show your love of dogs by making your own dog embroidery patterns. While you can find commercially produced dog embroideries or use a coloring book to make a dog e

Empty Wine Bottle Ideas for Halloween

Empty wine bottles tend to pile up after a major gathering or wine tasting. Instead of throwing the glass bottles away, recycle them through craft projects. Decorate the bottles using paint, lights and other materials with a Halloween theme. These decorations will be more inexpensive and personalize

Plein Air Painting Tips

Plein Air is a French term for "open air" and is used as a description for painting outdoors. French Impressionists Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir were among the many artists renowned for plein air painting. American artist Claudia Nice also paints outdoors, offering painted illustrations of

How to Make Simple Bead Jewelry

Bead jewelry has a long history, with many ancient cultures making necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other decorative jewelry from beads. Most of the beading techniques have changed little over the years, with the simplest beaded jewelry being a string of beads with a tie or clasp. Making simple be

How to Make a Hoop Scarf

You can make your own professional-looking knitted scarf using a hoop for knitting in the round. You will have the scarf completed and ready-to-wear as soon as it comes off the hoop.

Steps to Making a Hemp Bracelet

Use hemp to create a beautiful bracelet.ball of hemp string image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comHemp is a fiber that comes from the Canabis plant. However, it isn't a drug, like marijuana. Hemp has gotten popular due to its versatility and durability as well its low impact on the...

How to Make Teacup Pincushions

The industrial production of straight pins began in eighteenth century England. Initially, pins were used only in the manufacturing trades but with the invention of the home sewing machine, individuals became customers. What better gift to make the sewing enthusiast in your life than a