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How to Replace a Bike Seat Frame

The bike seat rests on a part of the bike frame called the seat post. This part of the bike frame is easily adjusted for better positioning. It's also easy to replace. Make sure when you replace it, though, you get a seat post that is of the same width as the original post, so that it will fit into

How to Make a Puff Ball Out of Yarn

Yarn puff balls give knitted items such as hats, scarves and mittens a finishing touch. Yarn puffs may look difficult to create, but they are easy. Since there's no knitting required, anybody who knows how to tie a basic overhand knot can make yarn puff balls. Yarn puffs can even be a fun toy or pa

How to Make a Danish Paper Heart

Danish paper hearts are small paper baskets shaped like hearts; two pieces of paper are woven together to give the front of the heart a checkerboard-like pattern. Danish hearts are traditionally used as a Christmas decoration. These little baskets can be hung on a Christmas tree or around the house

Knitting Basics - Casting On Part 3

We have already considered why casting on is so important and the different categories of cast on methods as well as some simple cast on methods to try. We are now going to look at some two stand and

Photo Ideas for Brother & Sisters

Taking pictures of a brother and his sisters can sometimes be challenging, especially for the siblings' parents. However, mastering the art of photographing them can be very rewarding and provide beautiful results. Choosing the right poses, outfits, locations and setting up natural shots for the pho

Quilt Patterns Made From Neckties

As trends and styles change, neckties quickly go out of fashion. When they are discarded, making them into quilts is a great way to give them a second life. Quilters know that ties are made of the finest fabrics. Avoid the high cost of quilting fabrics by creating a quilt from neckties found in a cl

How to Crochet a Curly Tail

You can make a curly tail from eyelash yarn if you know the basics of how to crochet. This fluffy tail would be perfect as a finishing touch on a hand-stitched stuffed animal and can also be attached to an animal costume. The same basic crochet pattern, suitable for crochet beginners, that is used f

How to Make Paper From Cattails

Cattail paper is unique because of its speckled appearance and heavy texture. Like most handmade paper, cattail paper is expensive when purchased at stationary stores, but you can make it at home for pennies on the dollar. It is a great paper for a novice papermaker to attempt to make because there

Cute Snowman Activities for Pre-schoolers

Help your preschoolers capture the essence of winter with entertaining snowman activities. From crafts to games, incorporate the "jolly, happy soul" into the classroom. Activities allow preschoolers a chance to develop their imagination, creativity and fine motor skills. You need just a few supplie

How to Make a Pot Holder for a Small Space

When you live in a small space, you probably don't have extra space for items that are not useful. Potholders can be decorative, but it is most important that they be functional, as well. Potholders prevent burns when lifting lids off of steaming pots and removing baking pans from the oven. They can

How to Make Silver Metal Clay Pendant

Precious metal clay --- PMC --- is made using small particles of real silver or gold suspended in an organic binder. When the metal clay project is heated, the binder melts away and the metals fuse together to make a solid model. To make a silver metal clay pendant, work the PMC using the same tools

How to Make a Valentine Card for Your Girlfriend

A homemade card can symbolize many things to your girlfriend. It can be seen as inspiring, thoughtful and romantic, while expressing that you care enough to put forth effort to show your appreciation. A pre-made card can display these qualities, but it does not have the same sentimental value. You d

How to Play Simon Says

Think you can get the kids to follow instructions? Think you can trick them into not obeying? It isn't difficult.

How to Design Friendship Bands

Friendship bracelets are a fun, inexpensive way for children to bond and to show each other how much their friendship means. Not only do they look cool, but they are also extremely simple for kids to make by themselves. The same color combination can be chosen by friends to symbolize their friends

How to Design Cute Name Frames

Design and craft your own personalized name frames for displaying photos, certificates, ribbons and keepsakes such as postcards, concert or movie tickets. Make cute personalized name frames for your own bedroom or dorm room, or to give as gifts. For example, make name frames for a new baby, a weddin

How to Make a T-Shirt Into a Boy's Sleeveless Shirt

Your son's favorite long-sleeve T-shirt has a rip in the arm. You hate to throw it away; instead, turn it into a sleeveless T-shirt for the hot summer months. Transforming old short-sleeve or long-sleeve T-shirts into sleeveless shirts is an excellent way to save money and recycle. Traditional hoodi

How Can I Transfer a Pattern Without Transfer Paper?

Whether you sew, carve wood or paint, at some point you will want to transfer an existing design or pattern onto another surface. The surface can be a piece of wood, fabric or canvas. Transfer paper is a convenient way to apply designs or patterns onto a new project. If you don't have transfer paper

How to Make a Wedding Vase from Paper Towel Rolls

If you are looking for an inexpensive item to make for wedding reception centerpieces, try making vases with empty paper towel rolls. This craft is easy enough for anyone, and you can uniquely design your vases to suit any taste or need. After making these vases, fill them with artificial flowers an

How to Earn Money for a Skill Career in "Sims 3: Ambitions"

"The Sims 3: Ambitions" is an expansion pack for the life-simulator computer game "The Sims" that gives players the chance to explore different career options for their Sims. In addition to new professions, Sims who have particular skills can register themselves as self-employed and make money on th