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What Are The Most Common Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms?

The expression "autism" is regularly utilized to portray any of the five separate sorts of pervasive developmental disorders. These pervasive developmental disorders are aggregately regarded as autism spectrum disorder symptoms.

Autism Symptom Checklist

Because no two people with autism will exhibit the same symptoms, sometimes autism can be hard for parents to pin down. Fortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Autism Information Center provides a comprehensive checklist of what symptoms children with autism spectrum disor

How To Recognise Aspergers In Children

Although we all like our children to be perfect this is not usually the case and you'll learn to love them no matter what they might have or be. A condition that has become very common in children today is Aspergers and learning to handle the problems it may bring can be a challenge. You would

Great Tools for An Asperger's Sensory Kit

People with Asperger's Syndrome can have many sensory issues, especially in times of stress. Read on to learn how to make a sensory kit to help aspies stim and calm down.

Helping Kids With Autism Survive the School Social Scene

No two of us are alike. We all have likes and dislikes, challenges and strengths. But we are similar in that we are social animals and we live in a social world. Some of us may thoroughly enjoy making social connections and others may view it as a chore or an intrusion into our world.

Autism Research Review of Various Studies and Their Results

They used in their findings in several studies including one done by the Danish who checked nearly half a million children. They noticed an increase in autism after thimerosal, the supposed culprit in vaccinations, was removed.

Autism Sensory Integration - Where Do Parents Start?

Unfortunately in this day and age there are still people who do not see Sensory Integration as a treatment therapy for children with Autism. Unfortunately many people do not see it as a therapy in its own right. It is a therapy so intense that is can be puzzling and daunting to people. It is also a

Changing Lives of Autistic Children Through Horse Therapy

Horse therapy is a new but promising therapy for children with autism.The autistic aware community has become increasingly focused on horse therapy despite all the promises, developing theories, and indications that other well-known therapies and medications should work.Many parents of autistic chil

Disciplining Your Autistic Child

Parents with autistic child always struggle their ways to care and teach their children. Some may use the right method while some are lax and simply give up. To children with autism, discipline is hard to be implemented but this does not mean it is not important. When it comes to disciplining your a

Verbal Behavior Can Be Vastly Improved By ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis has been recognized as the leading treatment for autism spectrum disorder for numerous decades. It has shown an absolutely incredible success rate, and it is proven to carry with autistic children into their adult lives, helping them to function much better within society,

Treatments For Autism

There is currently no one known cure for autism. Parents or caregivers must research and gather as much information on autism as possible to enable them to make informed decisions on the treatments for autism. Any form of effective treatments has the best results if it is started early!

Autistic Disorder - One Term, Many Meanings

Though autistic disorder is often thought of as a single condition, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in fact refers to five different kinds of autism.When most people think about autism, they're only thinking about one type - the kind they saw in the movie Rainman - and don't realize that th

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Shows Promising Results For Autism

Autism is a mysterious disease-condition-behavior disorder which causes a complex neurological disorder that typically occurs within the first 3 years of life, that results in developmental disabilities. Children will seemingly develop normally until 18 -24 months at which time an alarming regressio

Techniques To Use When Working With Individuals With Autism

This article gives the reader new techniques to use when working with an individual with autism. The emphasis in this approach is to think about using techniques that emphasize the development of an attachment with the child. It is the belief that the individual with autism is waiting for the attach

How To Cope As A Parent Of An Autistic Child

Dealing with autism has its share of rewards and despair. There are days when everything would go according to the plan and daily schedule that have been set. Some days, though, are just so hard that you yourself would wish you could just crawl back into bed. But life goes on, as they say. Still, th