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Rectangular Exhaust Tips

Rectangular exhaust tips can complete the look of a customized car.modern sports car image by terex from Fotolia.comThough exhaust tips do not actually increase the performance of a vehicle, they do add the look of a premium performance exhaust. Rectangular-shaped exhaust tips take that...

How to Customize a Suzuki M109r

Suzuki's flagship muscle bike, the M109, is an attitude-soaked machine that begs to be customized to fit its rider's personality. Nearly every component of the motorcycle can be changed, altered or modified from a range of accessories available from Suzuki and other aftermarket parts providers. Whil

How to Customize a 1986 Honda Prelude

The 1986 Honda Prelude is a two-door coupe that never fit into the "sport coupe" or "tuner coupe" category. It is the bigger sister to the Honda Civic, but over the years the Honda Civic ended up being the "go-to" vehicle for automotive enthusiast that wanted to customize an import. However, the 198

Install Instructions for Trailer Hitch Buick Park Avenue 98

Curt Manufacturing offers a Class II hitch for all models of the 1998 to 2004 Buick Park Avenue, product number 12157. The hitch mounts to the rear of the Park Avenue and requires drilling during installation. Curt estimates that the installation takes 45 minutes to complete. The ball-mount, pin and

Information on Nitrous Oxide Systems

Widely known for its ability to increase voice pitch to cartoonish levels after ingesting, nitrous oxide wears many hats. Discovered in 1775, nitrous oxide has a range of uses in a variety of fields, including medicine, space exploration, military weapons, engine combustion and consumer goods. Nitro

How to Install a Frame Hitch on a 2004 Ford Sport Trac

The versatile Ford Explorer Sport Trac -- which is half sport/utility vehicle and half pickup truck -- can be made into an even more useful vehicle with the installation of a frame-mounted trailer hitch. A hitch receiver mounted to the vehicle's frame can be used with a weight-distributing system th

How to Install a Fiber Glass Single Piece Shower

Any material that covers the walls in your shower enclosure is subject to issues caused by water exposure and humidity. Fiberglass holds up well as a shower material due its non-porous nature, which keeps water from passing through to the structural walls behind the shower. While many fiberglass sho

Nissan Sentra Ground Effects

A front bumper is one example of a car part that can be enhanced with the use of a body kitmodified car image by FotoWorx from Fotolia.comA car can be made unique by the individual who owns it with the help of various ground effects that come from the right body kit. There are many...

1990 Corvette Ground Effects

Corvettes have always been equal parts style and substance.corvettes image by michael langley from Fotolia.comAs the Huey Lewis once said, "It's hip to be square." General Motors' 1980s lineup was a perfect example of this philosophy, as even the traditionally curvy Corvette took on some...

Foreign Car Shows in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh and Carlisle host the most car shows in Pennsylvania.Isolated red sports car on a white background with reflex image by Joel Calheiros from Fotolia.comDozens of car shows take place in Pennsylvania throughout the year, many of which feature foreign and imported vehicles, along...

How to Get 400 HP From a Chevy 350

The Chevrolet 350 engine was introduced in 1967 and was produced until the early 2000s. In basic, standard-performance versions, it produced around 250 gross horsepower and over 350 horsepower in high-performance versions for 1970 "LT1" Corvettes and Z28 Camaros. With the goal of 400 horsepower in m

Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips for the Mustang S351

The Mustang S351 is part of the impressive line of models modified by Saleen, Incorporated, which specialize in providing ultra high-performance Mustangs for the general public. The modifications are a response to the huge number of performance cars coming from Europe and Asia, and enable the pony c

How to Remove the Roof Rack on a Ridgeline

Removing the roof rack from a Honda Ridgeline requires unfastening the screws and bolts that hold it in place. The roof rack consists of two cross bars and two side rails, with end caps and center caps that fit over the rails. Removing the roof rack is not difficult and can be done in about a half-h

How to Make a Strut Brace

Strut tower bars are cool accessories to any performance vehicle, but they're also functional. They can minimize chassis flex between the struts, which helps in hard corners. Making one isn't particularly difficult. If you're handy with a welder and not afraid to work with steel, it's a great weeken

About Canoe Car Toppers

Canoe car toppers allow you to transport your canoe from home to the water without compromising your safety or the condition of your car or truck. Clearly, it's important to know how to properly install a canoe topper and to know what to look for. Canoes are large and could cause significant damage

Ferrari 355 Performance

Made by Ferrari of Marenello, Italy, the F355 sports car was available in the 1994 through 1999 model years. Ferrari produced the car in hardtop coupe, targa and spider convertible versions.

What Is a Fuel-Altered Race Car?

Fuel-altered race cars (sometimes called "FAs") have been modified to perform better on the race track. Nitrous oxide, usually called "NOS" at the track, is injected into the induction system of the engine with extra fuel to enhance combustion in the engine.

How to Make Your 2004 BMW 530i Faster

The 2004 BMW 5-Series is part of the E60 generation of this luxury sedan. The E60 replaced the E39 and was later replaced by the F10. As the 5-Series has evolved, it has also become larger and heavier, and to a certain extent less sporty in the process. Powered by a 225-horsepower 3.0-liter straight

How to Install a Three Inch Body Lift on a Toyota 4x4

In the automotive world, a body lift is a way to put larger wheels on your vehicle. Installing a body lift on your Toyota 4X4 will let you maneuver much better when off-roading. It will also let you drive through higher water and more mud. Even if you are not taking your 4X4 through the deep mud, y

Auto Clubs in Chico, California

Classic Caryellow classic car image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comChico, California, a small college community town in Northern California, has a few auto clubs for their small population. Auto aficionados in the area started these clubs based on their love of cars. You can enjoy the auto...