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Changing the Oil in your Motorcycle? Don't forget the Seal!

Many Japanese classic motorcycles have oil drain plugs that are dual purpose. Besides making draining the oil possible, they also carry the gear change drum detent plunger and spring. As such the washer or seal must be of the correct type and thickness.

2005 Pontiac Grand Am Torque Specs

The 2005 Pontiac Grand Am is a two-door coupe available in GT and GT1 editions. The 2005 Grand Am represented the last model released in a series that started in the 1970s. The original retail price of the Grand Am ranged from $22,000 to $24,000. Since both versions have the same engine,...

Motorcycle Bags - Keep Yours Looking New

Sustaining a healthy and new looking motorcycle bag can sometimes be a difficult experience if you're unsure of where to start. Keeping your motorcycle bag looking like new really isn't all to difficult when you know the tricks of the trade.

Motorcycle jackets for women - Available In Attractive Styles

At present women is also contributing their efforts along with men in all. They have also proved their capabilities in every field and the whole world recognize that. Their involvement in doing daring activities provided ...

What About Sport Motorcycle Tires

We all know that that most motorcycle tires are produced in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, treads and compounds used. Each of them has their particular performance benefits and drawbacks, and different mixes produce tires for different conditions.

The Rudiments of Sidecars

Motorcycles solve many motorists' problems. They provide an enjoyable, open experience that presents unique rider experiences, can be purchased for relatively low costs compared to larger motor vehicles, and generally have high standards of fuel efficiency. However, many people find themselves

Motorbike Helmets Protect You on the Road

Do you make sure that your head is protected whenever you take your motorbike out for a ride? Motorbike helmets are something which every rider should wear - they can quite literally save your life! Brain injuries are the top cause of motorbike fatalities, which alone should keep anyone from ever ri

Can-Am Bombardier

Bombardier has produced some interesting vehicles over the years. From tracked vehicles for traveling over snow to motorcycles to PWCs, Bombardier has produced something for most types of terrain.

Winter Storage Motorcycle Guide

Keep your motorcycle in first class condition this winter (or if not in use for any long period of time). Follow these simple steps to help you ensure your bike or scooter is properly protected.

Seadoo Sportster Specifications

As a 15-foot long boat, the Seadoo Sportster comes equipped with all of the necessary requirements for towing water toys, and even has the storage capacity to bring them along. With a wakeboard tower, a retractable ski pylon, a swim deck and a boarding ladder, the Sportster can...

Simple Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

If it's your first time to own a motorcycle, you should be aware that motorcycles are slightly more troublesome to take care of than cars. While cars can survive a long time of neglect, the same thing

Superbike Racing

Capturing the imagination of race fans in the US, superbike racing soon became a world wide formula. Today early superbikes are being raced again by classic enthusiasts.

Cover Your Motorcycle

After the initial 'high' wears off from purchasing your motorcycle, the first accessory that you need is a motorcycle cover. When it comes to keeping your cycle in the best condition, a good motorcycle cover will go along way in protecting your investment.

What You Need To Know About Helmets

Helmets are a vital part of just about every sport, from biking to horseback riding.This article focuses on what to look for in a helmet, and how to get the best deal.

1961 Thunderbird Specs

The 1961 Ford Thunderbird marked the first year of the third-generation Thunderbirds, and they were nicknamed the "Bullet Birds," due to their sharp nose and appearance. According to Automotive Mileposts, there were 73,041 Thunderbirds produced for 1961.

The Yamaha Razz is the Toughest Scooter

Scooters are scooters, one would agree but what about their make and sturdiness? The brand name matters mostly when it comes to choosing the best scooter in the market.

Tips to Assure Motorcycle Safety For Everyone

It is essential for every motorbike drivers as well as passengers to be educated enough about the different ways to assure motorcycle safety. Such tips are essential to assure survival amidst possible accidents.

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A shot of the Alpinestars S-MX 1 boots.