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How to Calculate PTT

Property Transfer Tax must be paid when property is acquired in the Canadian province of British Columbia. PTT applies whether the property is a gift, bought, exchanged or transferred from a corporation to any of its shareholders. Some transactions, however, may be exempt from PTT, such as when a pr

The Service Members Civil Relief Act

The men and women who serve in the United States military take on an incredible responsibility and place themselves willingly in harm's way. This is a noble gesture, and without the work of these service persons, it is very likely that the quality of life that we have come to expect would simpl

Board of Directors Meeting Vs. Shareholder Meeting

The Board of Directors of a corporation manages the corporation on behalf of that corporation's shareholders. As a result, shareholder meetings differ in a number of ways from Board of Directors meetings.

You Can Survive After Bankruptcy

Most bankruptcy lawyers encourage you to think of filing for bankruptcy as a fresh start. Your debts are wiped out but you will need to work hard to rebuild your credit! This is a very difficult time

Foreclosure Prevention Specialist

Are you a home owner that is presently facing a foreclose process? A foreclosure prevention specialist may be the solution to your problem. There are lots of so-called of specialists out there who wil

How to Become Incorporated in Michigan

Becoming incorporated in Michigan is a simple process overseen by the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG). To become a Michigan corporation, an organization must place certain information on file with DELEG and meet all reporting requirements.

California Corporate License Laws

The California Secretary of State's office handles the licensing of corporations in the state. Incorporators must follow a strict set of rules for the Secretary of State to grant a license. The name and number of directors of a corporation, who may file to incorporate and the cost of a...

Small Business Bankruptcy Information

Small businesses in financial trouble have two choices under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, according to the United States Courts website. They can liquidate their assets and use the proceeds to pay off creditors or reorganize and pay the creditors over time.

How to File Bankruptcy Separately

There are two types of personal bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 complete liquidation of assets or a Chapter 13 repayment bankruptcy plan. Both types of personal bankruptcy allow married debtors to file jointly or separately. Each type of bankruptcy creates a bankruptcy plan that allows the debtor or debto

5 Bankruptcy Myths You Need To Know

Bankruptcy, that word which seemingly spells doom and gloom for many, carries a few harsh truths and forces one to make lifestyle changes. But contrary to popular belief, it doesn't signify t

Federal Anti-Hoarding Law

Federal anti-hoarding laws have nothing to do with regulating people who display compulsive junk-collecting habits. Within the United States, these laws take effect under martial law so as to ensure citizens may access food in the occurrence of a catastrophic event.

Can My Car Get Repossessed if the Cosigner Files Bankruptcy?

Your cosigner’s bankruptcy doesn't have to result in repossession, but it may, especially if the payments on the car note aren’t current. Most states allow creditors to enter your property and take your vehicle without notice if you default on the loan. Whether a signer’s bankruptc

How to Form a Corporation in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of State offers online and local services for businesses wanting to incorporate a business name. While the incorporation process is straightforward, some variations (i.e. license requirements) exist; verify the specific licensing requirements for your industry with the De

Bankruptcy Priority Vs. Nonpriority

Priority is an important concept in bankruptcy proceedings, both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In many bankruptcy cases, a creditor with priority will receive full payment on the outstanding debt, while a creditor without priority will receive only partial payment or no payment at all. Many types of deb

Is the Parent Company Liable When an LLC Is Sued?

A parent company is generally described as the company that owns or controls subsidiaries through the ownership of voting shares. A parent company may also be called a holding company. A limited liability company (LLC) is a business entity permitted by state law. In some respects an LLC is like a pa

Battling the Recession with Bankruptcy

The recession has left many citizens at a financial disadvantage, and oftentimes and overwhelming amount of debt. If this is the case, bankruptcy may be your chance for recovery.

How to File Chapter 7 in Georgia

In Georgia, debtors who fail to pay off all of their debts are given the option to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Provided the court grants your petition and you can prove that your income does not allow you to make consistent payments, you will be eligible for debt relief. You may want to enlist th

How to Pay Bankruptcy Attorney Costs

One of the ways many people are forced to use to get out of debt is to file bankruptcy, but to do so successfully you may need to hire you an attorney so you can ensure all your bases are covered. Obviously if you are facing a bankruptcy you are financially strapped for cash, so how do you cover the

Bankruptcy Lawyers and Attorneys - Free Debt Evaluation

When you are shopping at the mall, or looking for some home entertainment systems, you may have freely used your credit card without regard as to how much you have already purchased in total. When this scenario becomes frequent, you may not notice if you have already accumulated a large purchase wit