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The Average Pay for Medical Transcription Proofing

As of May of 2009, there were over 80,000 medical transcriptionists employed in the U.S., and the career outlook is optimistic, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Medical transcriptionists are responsible for listening to recordings of doctors and other health professionals and transc

What Are Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protocols?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy specifications have grown a lot more confusing in recent years. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, finalized into law in 2005, increased original requirements and furthermore created newer Chapter 7 ...

What Is the Meaning of a Collection Letter?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 411,000 individuals were in the debt collection business as of 2008. This number is projected to grow to over 479,000 by 2018. Each individual as represented under this statistic is able to send a collection letter to a consumer.

Forms for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will require many financial records to be given to the image by Patrizier-Design from Fotolia.comFiling for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will have long-standing affects on a person's credit history, his ability to get insurance and can even...

The Advantages of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy under Chapter 13 is one way that the federal government has provided as a means for individuals or families to dig themselves out of what might appear to be an insurmountable debt load. Individuals or families that declare Chapter 13 bankruptcy agree to pay back their...

Bankruptcy Discharge for Illinois

If you have lived in Illinois for at least six consecutive months and cannot pay your bills as agreed, you potentially qualify for a discharge of debt through the United States Bankruptcy Court. A bankruptcy discharge, rendered by an Illinois judge, partially or fully absolves you of most debts depe

Normal Debt to Equity

The debt-to-equity ratio measures the liquidity of a company by calculating the amount of debt in relation to the stockholder equity (cash). Looking at debt to equity is a quick way to determine if the company has borrowed too much against its projected profit, which could mean that the company is i

How Long Can You Be Garnished?

When you owe a debt, your creditor may threaten to garnish your wages. In some cases, this threat is only an attempt to invoke fear. However, some companies follow through on the threat. To follow through, the company files a lawsuit against you. If you fail to pay off the lawsuit, the company goes

How to Avoid Scams for Transforming Debt Into Wealth

The Internet is full of get rich quick schemes and scams, and lots of people fall for them on a daily if not hourly basis. To avoid them, especially the "turn your debt into wealth" scams, you need to pay very close attention to what you may or may not be agreeing to. Once you sign on the dotted lin

Can I Get Rid of a Judgment Lien When Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you are not be able to avoid junior mortgages or equity lines of credit (considered to be consensual liens) on your property even if your house is underwater. Treatment of underwater liens is different in a Chapter 7 case then a Chapter 13 case. However, the good news is th

If You Leave Your Bank Account in the Negative, What Will Happen?

When your leave your deposit account negative your bank can impose fees, freeze the account and eventually close your account. Bank accounts that are closed with negative balances are often reported to credit agencies and show up on your credit report as unpaid debts. These accounts negatively impac

Rules For Personal Bankruptcy

Given the struggles in today's economy, it is understandable if you do not wish to burden friends and family with your financial problems. When you are barely making ends meet and unable to pay certain bills to satisfy others, there comes a sense of shame that you would rather not expose. Filin

What to Avoid Before Filing Bankruptcy

Although bankruptcy is theoretically a snapshot of your financial situation at one point in time, the things you do before you file bankruptcy can affect how your case turns out. Certain payments you make or charges you incur can work against you, to the point where the bankruptcy court could possib

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Am I a Bad Person For Filing Bankruptcy?

One of the most common questions and concerns when it comes to filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy is that most people are worried that they are going to be labeled as deadbeats, immoral bad persons. Look, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that 1 in every 70 Americans or

How to Find Out What Debts You Owe

Every American has a personal record of the debts they owe. If you want to find out which specific debts you owe, you can easily pull your own credit report for free and check it out. Credit reports detail all of your revolving credit, loan history, payment history and outstanding debt. This can be

Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney in Sacramento

In America, the number of people getting trapped under debt has increased significantly. Recession was considered, as one major reason for this upset. The US economy before 2009's recession was considered to be the soundest ...

How long after you file bankruptcy is the case over?

Bankruptcy is a federal procedure that follows a relatively consistent timeline for most standard cases. However, the timeline to completion for bankruptcy can vary based on the complexity of your case and the amount of assets in your estate that the court needs to process. In addition, the chapter