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Is Blogging a Waste of Time? 10 Tips to Improve Your Success

Provides an overview on the value of blogging and why it is an important vehicle to drive unique visitors to your Website and to improve your search engine ranking. Gain tips and advice on ways to improve your blogging success. Blogging should be a critical element of your publishing engine. It prov

Confessions Of A Personal Finance Blogger

I have beentrying to find out more about making money on the internet as a result of a little Google ad that popped up next to one of my articles. Since then, I have been sucked into the world of internet marketing and while I've learnt a lot, I can't say I've really enjoyed myself.

Before You Get a Chiropractic Blog, Read This

It's hard to go anywhere in the social media space these days and not hear about blogging. For chiropractors, this relatively new form of communication and marketing is rarely utilized to its fullest capacity. If you intend on setting-up a chiropractic blog, you'll want to have a firm gras

The Niche Blogger - What to Look For in a WordPress Theme

With the incredible competition in some niches, the niche blogger should know that both content and design are key to the success of blog. When choosing an effective WordPress theme, the blogger should consider how user friendly, the number of columns, ease of editing/adding a header, and several ot

How to Export Diaryland Entries

The online diary website Diaryland allows users to create personal diary entries that include a title, date and tags. Users can categorize their entries, edit their blog's HTML and manage comments left by others. If you wish to backup your Diaryland entries, export your blog using the open-source pr

Thinking What to Blog?

A blog in general terms is considered as a journal where one can express their thoughts, ideas, share links and even promote some products or services. It is a medium for displaying one's creativity in writings. There posts are arranged chronologically in such a way that the most recent post ap

My Blogs - Warts And All

I have this view on blogging, which my mate thinks is rather sad. He thinks everything is sad anyway. My posts are largely unedited. I don't write a post and give it to someone to cast a 'fresh eye' on it.

Becoming a Wizard With Blogs

What is a blog? The short name for a blog is Web Log.It's basically an online journal of an individual's thoughts, interest, and there day to day experiences.If the blog is kept up to date, a visitor can connect with the writer at any time.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog for the Search Engines

WordPress blogs are more than just a blogging platform. They can be used to act like normal websites and can be set up just the same including optimizing them to get free traffic from the search engines. Here are a few tips to help you SEO your WordPress blog so they can rank highly in the search en

5 Steps to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Blogging is more than just writing articles, it is about the stats, relationships, and the links. If you want to take your blog to the next level then you need to follow these 5 steps.

Do Bloggers Make Money?

This is probably the question on everybody's lips looking at opportunities to make money online. There are many bloggers out there who claim that they make enough for a decent living. When we

Blogging For Money

Making money while Blogging can be very rewarding. Learn the very basic overall idea behind blogging here.

Who Else Wants to Get Paid to Blog Using Video Blogging

Let me ask you, if you are looking for some level of success in marketing your blog, is there anything you may be missing in your traffic generation efforts? In this article I will fill you in on a powerful traffic generation strategy that you just might not have thought of. Along the way you will a

How to Add a Grey Shadow Border Around a Blog in CSS

Blogs contained within borders are common on the Internet, and they often have visual effects like rounded corners, gradients and shadow borders. Creating a shadowed border used to take a lot of work, involving creating images in Photoshop, cutting the images and writing complicated code to put them

Can You Use a Blog As Your Only Web Site? Part I

Of course.However, you do need to understand the pros and cons that are associated with using a blog as your only website.The bottom line is that there are some instances in which using your blog as your only website...

How a Kid Can Make a Blog

Children and pre-teens are using computers at a growing rate, so their curiosity about Internet technology means that you may hear a request to let a young person start a blog. Two principles apply in allowing kids to make a blog: safety and simplicity.

How To Write A Blog For The Search Engines

How to write a blog that the search engines are going to index and show on the first page of Google has several mitigating factors. On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.

Important Tips For Beginner Bloggers

There are some really important things which you should know before you start up with your own blog. You don't want to be wandering around and thinking that what has gone wrong and why is your blog not reaching anywhere. To avoid those circumstances make sure you know all the important facts ab