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Professional Cover Letter

The term 'First Impressions Count' has never been more true - with hundreds of applications received for each job advertised, make sure that your CV (I'm from the UK, but CV's are also known as Resume's elsewhere) get the readers attention by creating an professional cover l

Three Key Areas Of HR Management

Human resource management responsibilities can be broadly classified into three broad areas: individual, organisational, and career development. Individual Firstly, individual management involves helping employees identify strengths and weaknesses, correct the shortcomings that they may have ...

Choosing A Career As A Flight Operations Assistant

The airline industry and the general flight job market are filled with positions that require a very specific skill set. Pilots need to have years of experience in order to properly control the flight of a plane.

How to Train as an Apartment Manager

Apartment managers are usually hired by property owners to oversee the day-to-day operations of a commercial or residential property. There are a number of duties to perform including inspecting the property for maintenance and repair needs; collecting rent payments; enforcing rent and lease agreeme

Texas Labor Laws Regarding Overtime

Texas law regarding federal minimum wage and overtime is determined by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Overtime is defined as working greater than 40 hours in one workweek. There is no limit to the amount of overtime hours an employee over the age of 16 can have in a...

Starting A Successful Catering Business

The catering business is financially rewarding, and will help you to have fun while polishing your culinary skills. In the catering business, you can cater events on a full time basis or part time. At

How Much Money Do Cell Biologists Make a Year?

Cells are the most fundamental units of life. As such, cell biology is one of the primary disciplines in the biological science field. Cell biologists study the physical and chemical makeup of cells -- human, animal and plant -- to uncover how they function, how they can be treated when afflicted by

Gramin Bank Recruitment

Banks manage the most crucial necessity of our lives that is our monetary needs. They provide us with loans when in need and secure our money otherwise. This has led to our grown dependence on ...

Differences in Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are different from roof coverings in that they repair or prevent damage to existing roofs with sealants and barriers that aid in insulation and protect against leakage and sun damage. The best roof coating for your roof depends on the type of existing roof on your building and the purp

What Is Pediatric Nursing?

Many people feel drawn to enter the healthcare field as nurses, providing patient care in a wide range of settings. Some feel drawn toward caring for a particular type of person, such as the elderly or children. Those who enjoy working with children may opt for careers in pediatric nursing.

Physiotherapy Jobs - Get Your Career on the Move

From the professional point of view, physiotherapy can be distinguished as a discipline that is designed to lessen movement dysfunction, to provide patients with the better health and correct functioning of all systems of the ...

Q&A with Stephen Pastel of Geographic Music and The Pastels

Stephen Pastel is no stranger to indie bands or indie record labels. His band The Pastels is one of indie music's long lasting and most loved bands, and his 1980s label 53rd & 3rd is a shining example of how just how much impact even the smallest of labels can have on the course of music. Now r

Military Medic Training

Medic training prepares military medics for the many chaotic events that they will possibly experience throughout the duration of their careers. The successful completion of training allows military medics to leave with the knowledge and skill set needed to perform the duties of the position thoroug

What Does the Job of a Brand Manager Involve?

A brand manager is responsible for the organization and oversight of the brands sales, promotion and building a reputation for the brand. The day-to-day activities of a brand manager depends on the needs of the industry and the product's specifications. For example, promoting a toothpaste brand

The Benefits of Volunteer Work In Enhancing Your Job Prospects

There are a number of reasons for people to look towards volunteer work in the economic climate and employment realities of today. There are a myriad of non-profit jobs available at all times, each one could be the key to nailing down a full time job in a similar position, cementing your relationshi