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Hardship Duty Pay

Hardship Duty Pay - Location, or HDP-L is additional compensation paid to service members during assignment in land areas outside the continental United States where living conditions are substantially below the standard compared to the continental United States. This chart shows the monthly Hardshi

6S Olympic 2012

a pair of air jordan is a great gift for clients on big time events Also it pays attention to the football area with the releasing of Nike football shoes. Many stores have all Air ...

A Successful Job Campaign Starts With Good Planning

Proper planning is an essential ingredient in implementing a dynamic job campaign. Any job search should include sufficient information gathering; outstanding career materials, such as a compelling resume and cover letter; and the identification of 2-3 strategies, including networking, job fairs, an

What Can You Get From Beekeeping Training

Getting hold of beekeeping training is something that cannot be attained for the night only. You need to learn primarily all the information about the behavior of the honey bee with the intention of cultivating them securely. If you are acquainted with what you are dealing with, you might be enterin

Bitten When a Boy by the Bug

Paul Farren got the bug for old bikes when he was still in shorts. He bought a 1930s tandem from a boy at school for 5 and a neighbour who saw the 12-year-old riding in ...

7 Tips to Write Your First Resume

So, you are just out of college, ready to take up a job. You have decided that you need a resume and have identified a few achievements and skills that you can include in your resume.

How to Get a Government Job in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania has more than 80,000 government employees, according to the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Employment. Individuals interested in a government job, including both civil service and non-civil service career opportunities at the state and local levels, can find them through seve

How Do I Change my MOS as a Warrant Officer?

Becoming a warrant officer in the military is an accomplishment to be proud of. Warrant officers begin their careers as enlisted soldiers and become officers by receiving a warrant and completing warrant officer training for their specific MOS, otherwise known as the a military occupational specialt

Career Changers - 6 Steps to Becoming 'Unstuck

Are you 'stuck' in a career you dislike? Do you sometimes get excited by the idea of doing something completely different - but then find yourself (or others) talk you out of doing anything about it?

Last Interview Tips

Gaining a second interview often means you have a strong chance of getting hired. You'll likely be meeting with new people, so you'll need to make a first impression again. Learn as much about the company as you can by researching it, too, so you'll seem prepared and eager to join the team.

How to Write an Official Letter to a Welfare Club

When writing a letter to any professional organization, whether a welfare club or a school, it must be written formally. To compose a formal letter, you must follow certain guidelines in terms of presentation, language use and format. All of these factors will enable you to come across in a professi