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Contract Manager Duties

Contract managers review contract termsform -3 image by Rog999 from Fotolia.comCompanies that enter into contract agreements as part of doing business often employ contract managers to handle all the details of their contracts, including negotiation, implementation and enforcement....

Moms Looking For Work at Home - What Are the Options?

There are thousands of moms looking for work at home. This does not mean they want to wash floors or do laundry. These moms are serious about starting a business online or finding a way to earn some extra money each month.

Is it Possible to Earn Money Just by Stuffing Envelopes?

Ever since the global financial crisis hit the newsstands and businesses' finance and audit department, everyone has been incessantly looking into opportunities for extra income. Some have come up with the most amazing tactics of finding another source of income while other people ventured into

Big Money in the Travel Industry

There is and always will be big money in the travel industry. Therefore, if you want to make money in a business that has tested successful even in the worst of times, consider earning an income in travel. And more specifically, in Corporate Travel.

Discover What Business Mentoring Actually Is

Are you a bit confused on what business mentoring actually is? Or do you know what a business mentor is but don't know if you need one at this point in time? Well grab yourself a cup of tea, sit back and read on because I'm about to tell you everything you need know about mentoring.

Work From Home Jobs - Are They Recession Proof?

Are you looking for more sources of income due to the recession that has impacted the entire world? Some people have lost their jobs while others are trying to find additional ways to supplement their income. People have started to change their spending habits because they have realized the downward

From Failure To Success - How To Live Rich

Joining the ranks of the successful is not some elusive pipe dream. In Los Angeles County alone there are 268,136 millionaire households. According to a CNN article there are now 8.4 million homes in the U.S. which are worth at least $1 million. That's an 8% increase last year! Despite our econ

How to Set Up a DBA in Colorado

DBA stands for "doing business as." Nearly all states require that if you are operating a business under a name other than the name of the business owner or business partners, than you must register this name, which is referred to as the DBA. In Colorado, DBAs are known as trade names. Business owne

Zoning Laws For Home-Based Business

There are a number of advantages to having a home-based business. Be sure that you determine the zoning laws and HOA restrictions that apply to your location as you are planning your business. There are four broad areas that are usually regulated. Read on for an overview of zoning laws for home-base

Online Business - The First 7 Steps

The decision to having your own home business comes from within you. In order to succeed with an online home based business (or any business for that matter) is that you have to be serious about the idea of working at home, have realistic expectations of the business and most importantly have a plan

Home Business Ideal For Working Mothers

Most women today perform two types of full-time jobs- being a mother and a company employee. But juggling your time between your career and family can be a tough job. For this reason, many moms are taking on home based business opportunities or work-at-home jobs to replace company employment.

Free Home Based Business

What is a free home based business?Is there really any business that can be created for free?Well, that depends on your perspective.A free home based business means you take the resources you already have and use them to create your own business.This way you are not putting any new money in to your

Risk of Alliances With New Business Partners

Not vetting your business partners could open the door to serious company risks. Your company may stagnate or sink if your new business partner has a conflicting agenda. Taking on new business partners may also mean giving access to your company trade secrets. If you are working with international p

Police Equipment and Law Enforcement Agency

Every police department and law enforcement agency has an abundance of options to choose from for their police equipment. But what are the reasons affecting these purchasing decisions? Several factors

Make Money at Home - Patience is a Virtue

The Internet is full of people who have set out to make money at home, but have experience little or no success. On the other hand, there are those who have become millionaires because of the Internet. The fact of the matter is that the World Wide Web is a resource which is heavily searched daily in

Nevis as an Offshore Company Tax Haven

Nevis is one of the 'no-tax' havens and is becoming increasingly popular for personal offshore tax planning. The island offers good privacy protection, which is one of the reasons Nevis is po

Own a Handyman Franchise and Take Control of Your Destiny

Starting and owning a handyman business can be one of the most rewarding experiences for any entrepreneur.The biggest problem with starting a business like this is figuring out how to manage the jobs, where to get leads for jobs, and building up a client base and a good reputation in your area.The s

Jeff Paul Scam Review

Jeff Paul's life is a 'rags to riches story' and he could manage this turn-around in less than a year. He was in a pretty bad shape in 1991, with a credit card debt of about $100,000 and was living in the basement of a relative. Unable to support even his little kids, life was looking