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When Will Real Estate Recover?

As 2008 is coming to a close many American home owners are asking a few real estate questions. When will real estate recover to prerecesion times? When will I be able to sell my house for a profit and is 2009 the year home values will start to increase?

Five Modern Problems of the US Economy

The American people are facing the following problems today. Inflation. This is one of the most important modern economic problems because of the way it impacts people s quality of life.

The True Story of the Unified Gulf Currency

A unified Gulf currency has asserted itself as a quintessential goal for Gulf countries and a pillar for the awaited Gulf economic integration. Nevertheless, despite the expected benefits of the monetary union, numerous obstacles hinder the esteemed leap.

Warren Buffett - The World's Richest Success Story

The success story behind Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett--who is also the company's largest shareholder and CEO--spans back to his years packing groceries at his grandfather's grocery store. Buffet showed maturity beyond his years when he decided that he would rather make money th

2007 Trends in The Flow of Money and Economics

At no other time in human civilization has economics played a greater role in the stability of Nations. The economics of the twenty-first century are indeed more complex and interdependent than ever before. The massive scale of money flows to all parts of the world is truly astounding and thus the i

Why Countries Are De-Coupling From the US Dollar

Once seen as the currency of the World, since 2008 the US dollar has steadily decreased in value against most currencies. This has started a process of dollar de-coupling where nations lessen their dependence on the greenback.

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Changing Geopolitical Equations

Many interesting developments have been taking place in the economic as well as geopolitical front. Russia has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. China has seen double digit growth over the last few years.

Be Updated With Latest News

Most of the people know that it is needed for all to be updated with every kind of latest news. It ancient time no one is able to get the news on everything.

Vending Machines

A vending machine is a combination of different products. The machine itself could be compared with the smallest scale supermarket without a sales force.

How AIG's Collapse Began a Global Run on the Banks

Something very strange is happening in the financial markets. And I can show you what it is and what it means. If September didn't give you enough to worry about, consider what will happen to real estate prices as unemployment grows steadily over the next several months. As bad as things are no

Asphalt Prices - Forecasting the 2010 Season in an Uneasy Economy

Summer of 2008... People associated with the asphalt industry know this time period very well. It was when the prices of asphalt rose unpredictably. In two months pricing went up a staggering 70%, causing major grief for the industry and its patrons. Oil producers are already creating major concerns

The Dollar's Future - Where is the Dollar Headed?

The US dollar, which has served as a world reserve currency for nearly 38 years appears to be in jeopardy as far as its status of a reserve currency goes. The world seems not to blindly trust the US dollar any longer for this purpose as its intrinsic value seems to be under challenge.

Microeconomics: The Choices We Make

Microeconomics is part of almost everything in our daily lives. It focuses on the individual parts that make up a market for individual goods and services and the sub-elements of those markets, such as the consumers for individual products and the individual companies that produce, manage or transpo

What Was the European Union - A Question Future History Students Will Ask

The European Union was destined to fail from the beginning as many had predicted. Milton Friedman predicted it would fail by 1992, he missed his target. In 2011 Greenspan also predicted that it wouldn't last as their fixes after the global financial crisis was not enough, and the countries coul