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Mortgage Calculator

Want to know how much to spend each month to own your dream home? Mortgage calculator is a quick and easy tool to help you in calculating various payments on mortgage loans.

Is It Federal Law to Refund an Escrow?

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act governs the administration of escrow accounts. RESPA is part of the United States Code of Federal Regulations and gives specific guidelines regarding any escrow overage or shortage amounts. The law mandates that escrow amounts in excess of legal requirements

Understanding The Basics Of a Refinancing Home Loan

As interest rates continue to soar, many home owners today are faced with increasing costs that force them to reconsider their current mortgages. They may have done things correctly when they applied

How To Choose Between A Short Sale And Foreclosure

Facing mortgage debt problems is a stressful time. Between the emotional toll of defaulting on a mortgage and your options seeming to run low, it can be a difficult time for anyone. While the decision ...

Exclusive Internet Streamline Leads

Internet mortgage streamline leads are essential for brokers and mortgage lending companies and it also lifelines to their business. To find suitable Internet mortgage streamline leads companies use advanced technology. At this point the quality of Internet mortgage leads depends on how difficult is

How to Refinance a Mortgage in New Hampshire

A mortgage refinance is often an extensive and thorough process. Creditors take a very careful look at your income, credit, home value and assets before they extend any credit. In New Hampshire, the refinancing process is not too dissimilar from refinancing in other states, but there are a few diffe

Mortgage Terminology

Adjustment Date: Date agreed to by both parties to a real property transaction for the adjustment of property taxes, rent, interest, and other items. Amortization: The number of years needed to fully repay a loan. ...

Costs in a Foreclosure Procedure

The money you will have to pay your mortgage company and the emotional price involved are the greatest costs in a foreclosure procedure.. You do not get to rewind time after foreclosure has already begun ...

How Does a FHA 203K Loan Work?

Although purchasing real estate to rehabilitate and sell is often a wise investment, buying a cheap home can come with drawbacks. In some cases, the property needs extensive repairs to be habitable. If an investor cannot afford to pay the costs of home rehabilitation out of pocket, an FHA 203K loan

How Long After Foreclosure Can I Get an FHA Mortgage?

Extenuating circumstances may reduce the amount of time you'll need to wait after a foreclosure to get another mortgage.My Home for sale image by Primabild from Fotolia.comAt Least Three YearsGenerally, borrowers who had their principal residence or any other real estate foreclosed upon...

3 Tips for a Low Cost Refinance

Mortgage refinances are advantageous because they can save you money on your home loan each month. Most people refinance to reduce their current interest rate on the mortgage, and this reduction results in lower payments. Unfortunately, mortgage refinances are expensive due to closing costs. But the

Mortgage Ireland Opportunities For A First Time Buyer Mortgage Applicant

For those that are seeking a Mortgage Ireland opportunity within a First Time Buyer Mortgage program, prospects should be prepared to meet several criteria beforehand. Before a mortgage repayment plan can be established within these criteria, lenders look for reasonable amounts of spending habits fo

Who Qualifies for an FHA Mortgage?

The Federal Housing Administration, or FHA, is a part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The FHA provides mortgage insurance so that people can buy or refinance a primary residence. The actual mortgage loan is provided by an FHA-approved lending organization that follows FHA lo

The Effect of Mortgage Overpayments

Paying extra on mortgage each month allows home owners to pay off their homes sooner and save money. According to the Home Buying Institute, those who want to reduce interest fees or retire before the end of their loan term may choose to make overpayments to pay off their mortgage loans early.

Taxes on the Cancellation of Debt Income

If you receive a 1099-C or 1099-A from a third party, such as a lender or credit card company, you have canceled debt. The amount shown on the 1099 is taxable unless you qualify to have the income excluded from your taxable income. Regardless of whether your 1099 income is taxable, you must account