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Can a Bank Rent Out a Foreclosed Home?

Banks can legally rent out foreclosed homes, but they prefer not to due to the potential liability. Banks would need an army to maintain the empire of homes they have foreclosed on and the insurance to back it up. Although millions of American families are in the jaws of foreclosure as of 2011, bank

What Is an Authorization Code in a Bank Transaction?

"Authorization code" is a term that is widely used in the banking and merchant service industries. The code only applies to merchants who use an electronic payment gateway to process customer transactions. When a merchant ignores the importance of an authorization code, there may be expensive reperc

How to Start a Finance Company in India

A finance company in India is known as a non-banking financial company (NBFC). It must first be registered under the Indian Companies Act of 1956 before applying to the Reserve Bank of India for registration as a finance company. There are three types of NBFCs in India: asset finance companies engag

How to Open a Company in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates are one of the fastest growing economic areas on earth, with the gem being the dynamic and notorious Dubai. Substantial opportunity for growth exists, and many businesses are opening branches or getting started, but, just like any other country, requirements and specificati

What Is a Municipal Escrow Investment?

The concept of a municipal “escrow investment” has two specific, yet different, meanings. The concept of escrow has more than one meaning, or at least, more than one purpose. An escrow account can be used to create a neutral third party that will balance the interests of both the city a

What Is Double Blind Investment?

Generally, a person who is investing will want to know about the companies into which he is placing his finances. However, in certain situations, particularly when a person may have a conflict of interest due to his investments, he may wish to be kept in the dark about where his money is going. This

The Relevance of Accounting Information to Investments

Many companies place capital into investment instruments as a way to earn passive income and increase their company's wealth. Accounting offers business owners and managers a method to analyze investment information. Relevant information includes timely and accurate data relating to investments.

Can Collection Agencies Freeze Your Bank Account?

Collections agencies are notorious for their dogged pursuit of delinquent debtors, and can use a wide range of tactics to try to collect any unpaid money. One of the more aggressive ways a creditor can collect on a debt is through a bank levy, also known as a "freezing" of assets or accounts. Bank l

How to Enter Forex

The foreign exchange market, known as Forex or FX, refers to an interbank financial market that facilitates exchange of currencies. The liberalization of finance and the Internet revolution have allowed individuals to trade foreign currencies for speculative reasons through online Forex brokers.

About Escrow Account Investment Banking

Investment banks have a responsibility to individuals and organizations that set up escrow accounts by guaranteeing certain factors within the account. There are rules and regulations that establish what an investment bank can do with the funds inside the account and how much of the money can be tap

How to Become a Licensed Underwriter in Connecticut

The federal SAFE (Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage) Act requires underwriters working as independent contractors in Connecticut and all other states to be licensed. Underwriters are responsible for evaluating the creditworthiness of clients, and conducting financial analyses and other risk a

Land Use & Zoning Laws in Massachusetts

Like all other states, Massachusetts allows townships, cities and other local governing bodies to establish zoning ordinances that govern how property owners can use their land. These ordinances often differ widely from one community to the next but impose both limitations and duties on property own

What Happens When a Bad Check Is Turned Into a Collection Agency?

If a check is returned by a bank for nonsufficient funds (NSF), the business or individual to whom the check was written has the option of turning the check over to a collection agency. The collection agency either purchases the debt outright from the payee for a percentage of the outstanding amount

Arizona State Banking Mortgage Broker Compliance Laws

Arizona requires all its mortgage brokers to be fully licensed.Arizona, America image by Serenitie from Fotolia.comLike most others states, Arizona requires mortgage originators and brokers be educated, tested, and licensed with the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). With the...

How to Begin a Career in Investment Banking

Few careers are as stressful and lucrative as one in investment banking. Indeed, the extreme amount of stress associated with the job probably explains much regarding the occasionally excessive compensation received by investment bankers from their firms. At the beginning of their career, investment

What Is a Junior Debt?

A corporation engages in debt market transactions to raise funds needed in short-term operating activities or long-term investment projects. A firm may apply for secured or unsecured loans to finance operations. In a secured loan transaction, a borrower provides collateral, or financial guarantee,

Bank Draft Process

The rise of electronic banking provides payees with a variety of methods to make payments, although older methods of payment, such as bank drafts, remain valid systems of payment. Although similar to other written banking instruments like checks, bank drafts allow merchants the ability to purchase a

How to Invest in Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha is a knowledge engine rather than a search engine and therefore returns its results in a different manner. Instead of pulling information from the web, Wolfram|Alpha responds to queries by performing its own dynamic computations and taps into a wide selection of data sources. According

How to Bring Up a Cumulative GPA

While getting good grades may seem like a lot of work in the short run, you'll be thankful later on in life that you put in the work to make good grades. Whether you decide to get an advanced degree such as a J.D. or Ph.D. or whether you're content with a B.A. or B.S., having a high cumulative GPA w

How do I Save Banking Web Pages?

You've found a bank Web page that's just perfect for your needs. It offers a beat-the-market interest rate, no sneaky fees, a simple sign-up process and there's even contact information to reach a real human being at the bank. This is a page to be saved: you'll have all the details in one place and